British Tourist Plunges to Death From Walking Street Guesthouse

British Tourist Plunges to Death From Walking Street Guesthouse

A 31-year-old British tourist plunged to his death from a guesthouse on Walking Street in the early hours of Friday. The victim has been identified as Mr. Christopher Andrew Laidler, from England.
While the reason for the tourist’s fatal fall remain unknown, police suspect that the man may have been drunk after partying heavily on Walking Street and accidentally fell to his death. With all evidence pointing to a tragic mishap, it appears that murder or suicide can be ruled out.

According to local media reports, the tourist’s severely injured body “landed naked among hundreds of Songkran revelers” at about 4.30 a.m. after he had fallen three stories from his third-floor room at the Sweethearts Guesthouse which is also home to a GoGo bar with the same name on the ground floor.
Mr Laidler was reportedly “struggling to catch a breath, but still alive.” Unfortunately though, he succumbed to his fatal injuries and was pronounced dead a short while later in hospital.

Khaosod English quote a police source as saying :

We found no signs of struggle in the room he was staying at, so we suspect that he was drunk when he fell, rather than suicide. He was a tourist who was staying here alone.

Pattaya One also add that

after police had searched his room, they concluded that there were no signs of any struggle. They also noted that all of the victim’s belongings remained untouched, which suggested that Mr. Laidler may have been on his own at the time of the fall.

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