British Tourist Falls Prey to Ladyboy Pickpocket in Jomtien

Soi Welcome Jomtien 2

A 66-year-old British tourist (actually a close mate of your webmaster) had 10,000 Baht stolen from his wallet by a ladyboy on Jomtien Beach early Friday morning.
The incident happened just after midnight on the staircase of a guesthouse on Soi Welcome 2 off Jomtien Beach Road – less than an hour after the victim had withdrawn the equivalent of 200 British Pounds from an ATM just around the corner.
When the British tourist, let’s call him Mr. Joe, opened the backdoor to the guesthouse building the ladyboy reportedly sneaked him behind him and followed him up the stairs. Although Mr. Joe (who wasn’t feeling well and initially thought the person behind him was also a tenant at the guesthouse) rejected the ladyboy’s advances on the stairway the katoey eventually managed to hug him and snatch his wallet from his front trouser pocket.

Ladyboy pickpocket on Soi Welcome Jomtien 2

As the pickpocket immediately ran back down the stairs and fled onto the dimly lit side-street he/she emptied the wallet off all cash (a bit over 10,000 Baht) and threw it on the ground. Mr. Joe only noticed that his wallet was missing when he searched for his room key on the first floor and the ladyboy had already run off.
Despite feeling dizzy (let’s assume the ladyboy had been observing his victim to-be for a while and noticed that he was staggering) Mr. Joe attempted to chase the ladyboy pickpocket who however took off his high heels and ran off into the night.
A couple of still images of the ladyboy culprit taken from CCTV footage at the guesthouse have been embedded in this post.

Ladyboy pickpocket on Soi Welcome Jomtien Beach 2

After notifying two friends of the theft and attempting to track down the culprit (in vain) Mr. Joe eventually filed a complaint at the Pattaya Police Station on Soi 9. Hoping he may be able to reclaim the stolen money from his insurance in the UK he insisted on an English translation of the police report. Here it is:

Police report translation

Never mind the poor English and that the entire procedure of filing the complaint took almost an hour. Here’s the real punchline: Mr. Joe actually had to pay 500 Baht for this crappy translation:

Translation fee

While Joe’s 10,000 Baht are obviously gone it still remains to be seen whether police can eventually identify and arrest the culprit from CCTV footage at the guesthouse. In any case, the usual sentence in such cases is reportedly just two months in jail – hardly sufficiently deterrent to stop the offender from returning to a life of petty crime.

Ladyboy pickpocket on Soi Welcome Jomtien 2

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