British Tourist Assaulted by Ladyboys on Jomtien Beach

Jomtien beach promenade

Ladyboy gangs, pushy tranny street walkers and pickpockets have become an ever-growing nuisance on Jomtien beach in recent years. In fact, it seems that with every one-off crackdown on “loitering” prostitutes on Pattaya beach, increasing numbers of small-time katoey criminals are moving over to Jomtien to target preferably elderly or intoxicated tourists in this quieter part of town.
Just a bit over three weeks ago a close mate of your webmaster had his wallet and 10,000 Baht nicked from a ladyboy pickpocket on Soi Welcome. A week later or so, a notoriously drunk elderly Finnish guy who mistook a ladyboy for a lady one night, took the creature back to his guesthouse room and had 700 Euros stolen from his room safe. Som nam na, you may think. But that’s still no excuse for robbing a tourist.

Today the Bangkok Post reports that a 69-year-old British tourist “suffered facial injuries” after he was attacked by two ladyboy hookers on Jomtien beach. His mistake? The elderly bloke had gone for a late-night walk along the beach promenade and rejected the ladyboys’ flashy invitation to a round of hanky-panky with a twist.
According to the Bangkok Post, the man named as Leslie Murphy was approached by a “group of transvestites” as he was walking along Jomtien beach just before 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. As usual, the pests “began to hug and fondle him” and offered him sexual services which he declined. “He shouted at them and walked away,” which was probably the best thing he could do in that situation.
Now it’s unclear why the trannies became annoyed with their victim – was it the elderly Farang “shouting” at them (Thais don’t like it when you raise your voice), or were they simply pissed off because they hadn’t found a wallet, cash or phone they could nick from his trouser pockets? Anyway, the report continues:

When he arrived at the entrance of Jomtien Soi 7, he was stopped by two of the ladyboys on a motorcycle. One of them struck his face with a motorcycle helmet before fleeing, he said.

Fortunately for the victim, a motorcycle taxi driver took Mr. Leslie to the police station where he was given first aid and filed a complaint against the two ladyboys who, for now, remain at large.

UPDATEPattaya One describe Mr. Leslie as a self-confessed outright ladyboy hater whose “hatred of ladyboys (…) led him to throw verbal profanities in the direction of the group of transsexuals,” which obviously explains why the gang of katoeys got so furious they proceeded to attack him.
Just one good advice at this point: If you don’t want to be pestered, hugged etc. by a bunch of streetwalking trannies, be decisive and firm in your rejection and try hard to keep them at bay before their fingers might grab for your wallet. At the same time though, make an effort to remain as polite and non-confrontational as you can. Insulting a Thai – male, female or gender bender – is never a good idea and can easily provoke a violent reaction.

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  1. It is long past time that these demented violent thieving creatures were cleared off the streets for good instead of being fined 100THB and let back out to do it all over again.

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