British Motorcyclist Crashes into Baht Bus on Pattaya Beach Road

File photo: motorbike accidents in Pattaya

A 47-year-old British tourist somehow managed to crash his Honda Nouvo motorbike into the side of a driving Baht bus on Pattaya Beach Road early Thursday morning.
The accident happened just outside Mike’s Shopping Mall and resulted in the British national “bleeding heavily from the mouth.” It remains unknown whether the Englishman himself is to blame (speeding, careless driving, alcohol consumption?) or an unexpected driving manoeuvre by the 40-year-old Baht bus driver. Most likely we guess it was a combination of both factors.

Police and rescue workers were called to the scene of the accident at around 1.20 a.m. Thursday morning after Mr William John Palmer, a 47-year-old British national, had obviously crashed his motorcycle into the right-hand side of the blue Baht bus.
Mr Palmer who was apparently not wearing a safety helmet at the time was bleeding heavily from the mouth and transferred to Banglamung Hospital for treatment. His Honda Nouvo scooter had also suffered some front-end damage.
Police are now questioning witnesses and waiting to interview Mr Palmer in order to establish the exact cause of the crash. According to Pattaya One, the Baht bus driver himself rejects all responsibility and claims he simply

heard a loud bang to the side of his vehicle and stopped to find out what it was. All he could say was that his Baht bus was hit by a Western man and he doesn’t know anything else.

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