Book Thai Train Tickets Online Starting February 2017

Starting from February 2017, you won’t have to travel to the next railway station any longer to buy train tickets in advance but you can purchase them up to two months before your departure date through the state railway’s online booking system.
While the service isn’t really new but was initially introduced in 2009 the system was shut down four years ago and has only just been relaunched.
This service is especially useful for tourists and expats in Pattaya who don’t live on the so-called “dark side” and won’t have to travel to the small railway station off Soi Siam Country Club any longer to book train tickets.

Khaosod English reports:

Starting on Wednesday [February 1], passengers will again be able to book and buy train tickets from two hours up to 60 days before departure time. Printing physical tickets is still required as the State Railway of Thailand said it will not accept those shown on smartphone screens.

The service is available in Thai or English. To book a ticket, sign up at (available Wednesday) or Users can buy four tickets per booking. Booking fees vary from 20 baht to 40 baht per seat depending on class. (…)

Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard or JCB credit cards, or Bangkok Bank debit cards. Unlike most airlines and buses, payment cannot be made through 7-Eleven’s Counter Service.

Cancellations can be made online and at any train station.

Thumbs up for that we think should be a great additional new service!

UPDATE (May 2017) – There seems to a catch for foreign users of the new service. As you sign up to book a ticket through the online booking platform (registration is actually required!) you have to enter a valid passport or Thai ID card number. Fair enough. Your webmaster’s foreign passport number was however simply not accepted.
Now we’re not sure whether that was just some kind of “technical glitch” or if other foreign users were equally unable to register themselves. But your webmaster obviously found the new service utterly useless.

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