Body of Missing Scottish Ex-Soldier Found Dead in Pattaya

Body of Missing Scottish Ex-Soldier Found Dead in Pattaya

The body of Scottish ex-soldier and dad Steve Balfour who went missing last month during one of his regular trips to Pattaya has been found dead in a police morgue in Bangkok now. Steve had come to Pattaya to visit his daughter who lives with his estranged Thai ex-wife in Pattaya and was last seen on May 14.
While his family in Scotland initially suspected that the Thai woman was connected to Steve’s disappearance and possible killing it has now emerged that Steve died in fact under mysterious circumstances during a rendezvous with a ladyboy on Walking Street on May 15.
His body was now identified by a distinctive tattoo of his daughter’s name on his forearm.

Last month we reported that the naked body of an unidentified middle-aged European was found in a short time hotel room off Walking Street in the early hours of May 15.
In a most unusual way to go the way of all flesh even for Pattaya standards, the foreigner allegedly succumbed to his injuries after he hit his head on the wall during a bout of sex with a ladyboy he had picked up from Walking Street earlier in the night.
The 22-year-old transgender hooker told police the drunk foreigner had agreed to pay him a generous 3,000 Baht for a short time session in a nearby hotel. When the couple got down to business though, the ladyboy claimed, his lover suddenly collapsed to the ground, allegedly after banging his head on the wall.
He was pronounced dead on the scene.
The foreigner was only identified as Steve Balfour more than a month after his mysterious death by a distinctive tattoo of his daughter’s name on his arm.

While the police initially ruled out foul play but blamed the death on the man’s intoxicated state and suggested that he may have “tripped,” the incident is still being investigated and the ladyboy questioned by police.
Steve’s father does apparently not quite believe in a natural cause of death or an accident but is quoted as saying by the Scottish Daily Record:

From what we have heard we’re certain it’s Steve – who else would have exactly the same tattoo of Georgina’s [his daughter’s] name on their arm. But we still don’t know what happened to him.”

He always went out with his wallet with bank and ID cards in it, and that wasn’t with him when he was found.

He was also very fit to do his job and play golf a few times each week so it is unlikely to be a medical matter. There are lots of questions for the police to answer.

Let’s hope that the police eventually get to the bottom of this extremely mysterious death.

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