Pattaya Bar Girls (2) – Taking Her Back to Your Room

Bar Fines & How Much to Pay For Sex?

Thai GoGo girlsIf you want to take a girl out of her bar, either for a “short time” session or the rest of the night, you’ll first have to pay a so-called “bar fine”.
While “bar fines”, for obvious reasons, are not very popular with punters, there is a good reason why bars charge them. Bar owners usually pay their employees monthly salaries, and the “bar fine” is the fee charged by the bar for taking one of the service girls out during her regular working hours.
Bar fines are 300-500 Baht in most beer bars around Pattaya and approx. 500-1,500 Baht in GoGo bars. Please note that bar fines have recently been skyrocketing in many chrome pole palaces, especially on Walking Street, and may be even higher for “show girls”.

Remember that paying the bar fine only entitles you to take a girl out of her bar for an hour or two or the rest of her shift. You will still have to pay her a kind of compensation fee for extra sexual services or simply for the time she’s investing in you, that’s even if you should only take her out for dinner and not have sex with her, e.g., because you’re too drunk.
This money is usually not paid in advance but handed over to the girl after you’ve engaged in a bit of hanky panky in the privacy of your room or when she leaves the next morning. (Depending on your nationality, however, or if the bar management feels that you might not have fully understood the financial details of the deal, in some venues you might be asked to also pay for the lady’s extra services in advance.)
The going rates – always negotiable with “your” lady and depending on high/low season, location of the bar, and the individual expectations of your chosen one – are roughly as follows:

Beer bars700-1,000 Baht"short time"
1,000-2,000 Baht"long time"
A-GoGo bars1,000-3,000 Baht"short time"
2,000-5,000 Baht"long time"

Coyote girls in a Walking Street club“Long time” and “short time” rates are always negotiable, especially during the low season or when you’re staying with the same lady for a couple of days or weeks.
While many girls may offer you a discount when you “bar fine” them for longer than a week or so, on the downside, this “price flexibility” also implies that there’s virtually no limit to how much a girl may demand for her services or simply spending her time with you – especially if you fancy a “stunner” from a busy GoGo bar on Walking Street.
It must also be noted that not only “bar fines” in the Walking Street area have skyrocketed in recent years – the girls also ask for considerably more money for themselves than their colleagues on Soi Buakhao or at Jomtien. Even girls working in “normal” bars there (“normal” as opposed to A-GoGo bars) may increasingly ask for as much as 2,000 Baht for overnight services – a price which might still get you two girls in “cheaper” parts of town.
(We should add though that bar girls in most parts of Pattaya seem to set a starting price of 2,000 Baht these days, or at least give it a try, but will effectively be happy with 1,000 or 1,500 Baht.)
In order to avoid an argument with your lady the following morning or just an hour later, you’re advised to always agree on a fixed price for sexual services before paying a girl’s bar fine, especially with ladies from Gogo bars where rates are flexible particularly in the upward direction and some girls may ask for 5,000 Baht for “long time” services.

Outside a GoGo bar on Walking StreetAlso please note that many bar girls in Pattaya, especially chrome pole dancers in GoGo bars, have developed some kind of “short time” mentality in recent years and might not really be interested in spending the whole night with you, no matter what you’ve agreed on before.
That’s obviously because two or three “short times” per night are more lucrative than a 12-hour “long time” session with the same guy – and involve less expenditure of time.
Also, if their regular bars should be closed already, many girls still like to “freelance” for a few hours in one of the numerous after-hours bars and clubs mostly in the Walking Street area. A further reason for a girl to avoid a “long time” overnight session may certainly also be a Thai boyfriend or husband who’s waiting for her at home.
Tip: If you’ve agreed on “long time,” i.e. the girl staying with you all night, it is surely disappointing if she still insists on “go back bar” or “go back my loom” (sic) after the job is done and your money has changed hands. Then again, it’s really pointless to start an argument over it. Better just don’t go see that girl again as she’s obviously not really keen on your company or might even have a boyfriend or another “walking wallet” waiting for her.
On the other hand, if you’ve been rude with your lady, demanded some “non-standard” sexual practices, or argue about paying a price that you’ve previously agreed on, well, you shouldn’t be surprised if the girl wants to leave as soon as the job is done. As the song suggests: Treat her like a lady. Most bar girls, if treated nicely and ladylike, will provide you with an awesome service.

How to Spot (Avoid?) Ladyboys in Pattaya

Ladyboy on Soi 6If you frequently watch Pattaya-related videos on YouTube or similar video-sharing sites you can easily get the false impression that every second bar girl in Pattaya is a “chick with a dick”. Now that’s obviously not true.
While we certainly agree that the number of ladyboys working in Pattaya’s sex industry has considerably increased in the last few years, ladyboys still probably make up only less than 10% of the total number of sex workers in Pattaya.
Katoeys (as ladyboys are called in Thai) usually work in designated ladyboy bars and areas where they pick up “ladyboy lovers”, or ply their trade as freelancers on Pattaya Beach Road.
While an increasing number of “straight” venues also seem to employ ladyboys these days, you should in general be safe from accidentally bar-fining a ladyboy in a “regular” bar only to end up with an unpleasant surprise once you strip the knickers off her well-rounded booty (i.e. “unpleasant” certainly only if you really have no hidden desires in that direction?)
To briefly sum up how to spot a ladyboy in Pattaya’s nightlife districts and what you should watch out for:

  • dark masculine voice
  • heavy make up, slutty dress
  • tall, big (silicone) boobs, little bum
  • girlish behaviour, exaggerated sexy walk
  • wide shoulders, big feet and hands, Adam’s Apple
  • less shy, often with “pushy” or slutty behaviour

If you want to avoid accidentally taking a ladyboy back to your room, or perhaps this should be just what you secretly desire, we hope this brief check list will help you a bit. For more detailed information on Pattaya’s notorious katoeys, how to spot a ladyboy, where to meet ladyboys (or which areas and bars to avoid?) etc. please check out our dedicated Pattaya ladyboys page.

In Your Hotel Room – Extra Joiner Fee for Girls?

GoGo bar on Walking StreetIf you rent a room in a guesthouse or a low-budget hotel, you probably won’t face any problems when you take a female guest to your room overnight – no extra charges, no silly questions, and the lady will likely not be required to deposit her ID card at the reception. This means less costs and hassle for you, but also less security.
On the other hand, if you stay at an upmarket and more family-oriented hotel where the management is more concerned about the venue’s image and imposes stricter security policies, your female overnight guest will most likely be asked to leave her ID card or a copy of it at the hotel reception.
While this is just for your own security in case you should have any problems with “your lady”, some larger hotels also have the controversial policy to charge you extra for “unregistered guests” in your room – which may mean additional expenses of 300-500 Baht per visit to your room. Especially upscale hotels and such that cater primarily to family vacationers may impose this controversial surcharge policy and require you to pay a “joiner fee”; others just want to rip you off. (After all, in Thailand you pay for the room, not per person.)
So if you plan on entertaining female guests regularly you’re advised to check in advance, i.e. before you book a room, whether the hotel charges a joiner fee for such visits or not. Otherwise this extra payment may well become a bit expensive on the long run.

In Your Hotel Room – Bar Girls & Thai Sex Morals

Pattaya GoGo bar girlOnce you’ve arrived in your hotel room you’ll probably find out rather sooner than later that Thai girls “function” somewhat differently from Western women in the bedroom. To start with, Thai women have a strong sense of cleanliness and will usually take a shower before going to bed with a guy; vice versa, they will also insist on you taking a shower as well.
But unless your girl has been “in business” for a while and already discarded her natural shyness, you should also find out now that Thai girls aren’t only very clean but – believe it or not – also relatively shy and usually don’t like to be seen naked, regardless of how “slutty” they dress or how “naughty” they behave at their workplace. That’s why the obligatory pre-sex shower is usually to be taken separately.
And no, you shouldn’t be surprised either if some kind of persuasion is required to make an inexperienced bar girl strip off her towel after the shower. Some may even ask you to switch off the lights first or not be willing to peel off their towel before they’re actually in bed with you and the action starts …

Sexy Asian girl in a bar at JomtienEspecially “fresh girls” who have not been “bar-fined” very often yet and aren’t sufficiently familiar with “Western sex morals” may sometimes not act very “professionally” between the sheets either. That’s simply because most bar ladies have grown up very traditionally in the countryside, and Thailand’s Buddhism-inspired sex morals are relatively conservative for Western standards.
In Thai schools, sex education basically doesn’t exist other than in the form of instructions for boys and girls not to have sex at too early an age. But in 21st-century Thailand, of course, with Internet access and porn movies available on almost each mobile phone, this doesn’t stop young people from having sex.
The obvious incompatibility of “traditional” cultural values and the reality of the modern world makes Thailand often appear like a land of “sexual hypocrites”. Prostitution (same as gambling) is virtually illegal but still exists in every one-horse town. Premarital sex is “culturally not correct”, yet underage pregnancies are continuously on the rise. The lack of effective sex education in Thai schools, little knowledge of “safer sex” techniques, birth control methods etc. certainly don’t help young Thai girls either when they make their first sexual experiences.

Pattaya bar girls love having funWhether justified or not, Thai men also have a reputation for being rather lousy and lazy lovers; that’s why many young girls “fresh from the countryside” usually have only little experience with more “eccentric” sex practices (including oral sex) and have likely never had any sexual contacts other than with local men in their villages.
It’s probably safe to assume that 99% of bar girls in Pattaya have never had sex with a Westerner before moving to Pattaya (a large percentage may have never even seen or spoken to a Farang in the real world); hence, many “fresh girls” are also somewhat wary of their first-time sexual encounter with a foreigner. Then again, once they’ve acquired a taste for it, a large number of bar girls actually quite enjoy the sex, naturally even the more so if their clients aren’t only generous but also sensible and know exactly which buttons to press.
Also remember that sanook (“fun”) is an important concept in Thai culture, and the natural Thai sense of fun is also manifested in their attitude towards sex. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of sex with a Thai girl, try to be “fun” in bed, make your lady feel relaxed and treat her like you would naturally treat a “real” girlfriend – not a prostitute only temporarily posing as one.
As a rough rule of thumb: Pattaya bar girls are the less shy the longer they have been in the sex trade and the more Farang clients they have served. “Her” experience and professionalism as a sex worker, as well as your skills of soft persuasion, will also determine her willingness to perform certain sexual practices, such as anal sex, which are less popular with Thai men.

Short-time bar at Jomtien

Condom Alarm – HIV/Aids & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Last but not least: Unless you fancy an HIV/Aids test back home, it should be self-evident to use a condom when having sex with a Thai bar girl. Even if the risk of an HIV infection might not be as high as frequently reported in the foreign media, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are unfortunately pretty common in Pattaya.

Bar girls waiting for customers on Soi 6No specific statistics regarding the incidence of HIV/Aids and STDs among sex workers in Pattaya are available. But if you talk to “veteran” (s)expats who have lived in Pattaya for some years and regularly use the services of bar girl prostitutes, you’ll find that quite a few of them have contracted one STD or the other during their years in Pattaya. We would also assume that the risk of contracting an STD is higher in “short time” bars and when picking up freelancers from the beach.
What complicates the situation is that many girls might not even know that they’re infected with an STD and therefore don’t seek medical treatment. Others might simply not care. So even if they do know that they have an STD, this still doesn’t necessarily stop them from having unprotected sex with clients. Sadly, the “money number one” principle also applies here.
It doesn’t have to be Aids or Hepatitis, a nasty genital fungal or chlamydia infection, gonorrhea or genital herpes, can easily be transmitted (gonorrhea, for example, can also be transmitted through unprotected oral sex) and will definitely spoil your holidays for at least a few days. And while medication and antibiotics are readily available in local pharmacies and clinics – who really wants to take antibiotics, refrain from drinking alcohol and having sex for a full week when on holiday in Pattaya? Probably not you.

By the way, according to the latest HIV/Aids statistics from 2013, Thailand records about 8,200 new HIV infections and 21,000 Aids-related deaths every year. Sex workers and their clients, injecting drug users and gay men account for over 60% of new infections. Since the first case was reported in 1984, nearly 1.2 million Thais have been infected with HIV and an estimated 460,000 (approx. 0.7% of the population) are currently living with HIV/Aids. On a positive note, in 2010, reportedly “up to 90% of Thai sex workers were found [to be] using condoms.” Learn a lesson from them! (Sources: The Nation, The Nation, Bangkok Post)

107 Responses to Pattaya Bar Girls (2) – Taking Her Back to Your Room

  1. If i just want to enjoy the atmosphere or the company of girls in a gogo bar without ordering alcoholic drinks for myself, is that still possible? Can i just order drinks for the girls instead?

    • Funny question. If you order enough lady drinks, probably ok. But why won’t you just order a coke or some other non-alcoholic drink?

  2. I am traveling to pattaya in November, please suggest good hotel where I can take ladyboys without joined fee and it’s in walking distance from main bar areas (soi6, walking street & lk metro).
    Also please suggest good ladyboy bars where I can take them for longtime.
    My budget would be 2500 bhat per night for hotel.

    • Location-wise I would suggest you the areas of South Pattaya Beach and Second Road, Soi Diana, Soi 7 and Soi 8. You’re always near a taxi route there and can easily get to Walking Street or Soi 6. Unless you stay directly on Soi Diana (where LK Metro and the ladyboy bars on Soi Buakhao are just around the corner) LK Metro is always less than a walking distance of 10 minutes away. For mid-range hotels please have a look on this page. Ladyboy bars and meeting points can be found on our dedicated and extensive ladyboys page. Hope that helps a bit.

      • I stayed at the Baywalk Residence in Sept-Oct—very inexpensive-stay– GREAT its a middle class but I was treated great-above decent buffet- and room kept clean-quiet and cold–I’m booking again this year-they’ve gone up on pricses but still worth th $$

  3. Thanks for the input. One more question if I want to take ladyboy for longtime from beer bar or gogo how much it will cost. I have kept daily average of 8000 thb for sex activities. Will that be enough.

    • Same rates as for girls, so yep, unless you’re a virtual sex maniac 8,000 baht a day should be MORE than enough. Enjoy 🙂

  4. I am planning trip to pattaya in november so will you suggest some good hotels where i can take a girl for long time without any extra charges, my budget for hotel per night is 1000 baht and yes there should be bath tub in the room.

      • I’m too expecting fun at my hotel, but can’t find information about extra fee, do you know if fourteen again will charge extra to bring a bar girl to the room.

        • I’m not sure but I think it’s rather a guesthouse than a “hotel”, isn’t it? So it’s most likely they do not charge a joiner fee. Then again, I don’t really know.

  5. What is transportation like late at night? If I barfine a girl and plan to take her back to the hotel, will cabs be available?

    • No problems in Pattaya. Baht buses drive around Pattaya all night long. Alternatively (if you don’t stay along the main taxi routes) motorcycle taxis are also always available.

        • If you mean girl-friendly hotels that charge no joiner fee, have a look here. If you mean a hotel where sex workers are part of the menu so-to-say (like a brothel) the answer is no. But there are many guesthouses and small hotels with bars and girls on the ground floor, which would virtually give you the same experience.

  6. Apart from the Thai and Russian girls do you get any other nationalities touring their wares? Maybe other Asians like Filipino girls ?

  7. I went to beer bar last night and have been drunk, take a bar girl and have sex with her unfortunately without condom with her consent. I just realize the next day my mistake for not using a condom. Now I am worried that I might be infected with HIV. What is the probability that I might get infected? I hope you can help…

    • All I can tell for a fact is that you weren’t the only one in Pattaya last night who got drunk and had sex without a condom. Chances that you’re infected with HIV are rather slim I guess (you should still get tested though.) What is more likely is that you may have caught some kind of STD such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. STD’s are unfortunately rife in Pattaya, not just among bar girls. The trouble is that you can contract some STD’s even without penetration but just through oral sex (and what’s a BJ with a condom?!) On a positive note, a male can easily detect an STD and cure is relatively simple. If you discover any unusual symptoms just go to a local pharmacy, tell them straight what your problem is, and they’ll give you some antibiotics like Zithromax – done!

    • One star, em? If they DO charge a “joiner fee” I’m afraid that might cost you more than what the room actually costs, lol. (Seriously, no, I guess not.)

      • Thanks for the reply,i have one more question,i spoke to 2 gals on online dating portal..they said they will meet me in pattaya wer i am foing next true and how safe having fun with those gals..well i spoke to them for long time fun…please give me suggestions for this..?

        • Can’t really tell you as depends on the individual. Some girls are gold diggers but the majority I guess are sincere.

  8. Hi can i pick or ask a “lady bait” to stay with me inside the bar and then go to my hotel room ? (I mean one of those girls which are in the front of the bars) or that girls dont come with costumers???

    • If you mean the uniformed girls standing outside GoGo bars waving advertising signs etc. – most will not go with customers (unless they are actually dancers who just get some fresh air). The same applies to waitresses in GoGo bars, but of course, there are exceptions and you can always ask. If you mean the girls at regular beer bars that shout “Hello sexy man” and similar stuff at you from the roadside – yes they are all “bar-finable”.

  9. I have heard that the working women at the GoGo Bars are required to prove they’re free of STD’s via certification before they are employed, and are subsequently required to have regular checks. Is this true?

    • That’s what they say, yeah, but who’s really gonna check that? A medical certificate is cheap enough in Thailand and I would think that, given the current shortage of girls not just in the GoGo bar scene but in the Farang-oriented sex industry altogether, most employers have better things to do than insist on seeing regular certificates that might be worthless at the end of the day.

      • Lol, that’s not very assuring. So if that’s the case then how are street workers differentiated from GoGo girls? Because I also heard that “there’s a reason why girls are on the streets” and it’s not just purely because of looks or drug history. Of course, I’m not asking with unprotected sex in mind but simply out of curiosity and to clarify the steps that are taken to ensure diseases aren’t spread between worker to worker and clients.

        • I believe that many GoGo bars actually DO ask for doctor’s certificates from their girls, I just wouldn’t rely on that too much. Also, test results (unless they are absolutely fresh) are never really up-to-date. I mean if the certificate is three weeks old and a girl has had unprotected sex several times over that period there’s simply no guarantee.

  10. I came to know that pattaya hotel room is full of cockroaches. Is it true. Please suggest roach, bugs free hotels in pattiala

  11. hi i am planning to visit Pattaya But i don,t want to go in bar and search the girls so is there any hotel who can provide girls there itself in the hotels for night

    • Depends on where you pick them up. On Beach Road you can pick up girls for 500 Baht and less (which doesn’t mean that others might not ask for more.) If you pick up a girl from a club I’d expect to pay at least 1,000 Baht. Yes, it is basically safe to pick up freelancers, but you should always follow some basic rules, i.e. take them back to your own room, have them deposit their ID cards at the reception, make sure all valuables are locked up in the safe etc.

  12. Hi
    Please suggest Me any hotels in pattaya that provides girl for Full night in my hotel room.and best place to stay at pattaya

    • Hotels in Pattaya do not provide girls. You will have to find them in the local bars. I would recommend you stay in a hotel near one of the main entertainment areas such as Walking Street, Soi Buakhao/LK Metro or Soi 6.

  13. Buddy you sound promising and trustworthy I can bank on therefore I got few questions to ask you bcz it’s my 1st visit to Pattaya and certainly don’t want it to be last , I have taken a package through one of the reliable website here in India and looking for a girl who not only be a sex toy for me but to be friend and take me around as a guide , how much do you think I should pay them and where do I get such girls from

    • Just visit the local bars (on your own, not with your buddies), have a beer and buy a few lady drinks, and I’m sure you’ll find a nice girl. I would expect to pay at least 1,000 to 2,000 a day. Be generous if you want a nice girl and good service.

  14. Hi Pattya funtown buddy,

    i am planning to visit pattaya at the end of November this year and its my first time. i have heard a lot however can u pls tell me where can i find good girls, cute and safe ones to bring back to my room for a night and how much should i pay? on the other hand i also heard some honey 1 honey 2 places with fish bowl. But i guess i cant take them to my room. i am little confused where to go and find them. Or is there a place i go and pick girls back to my room. pls advise.

    • No, the girls in massage parlours usually don’t do overnight services in your room. You can find girls in the thousands of bars around Pattaya – you simply cannot miss them! Just sit down, have a beer, chat with the girls, buy a lady drink or two – the rest will come automatically. Be prepared to pay a bar fine of 300 to 500 Baht to take a girl out of her bar for the night, and 1,000 to 2,000 Baht for the girl and her services. Higher rates apply in GoGo bars.

  15. I’m going to be looking for something specific for a 1 time experience. I will want a ladyboy with an huge apendage. Not for me but to tag team some poor but willing girl between us for an all night long time basis. Also i’m aware of the risks but i’d like to find a girl that would let me operate without a condom. Would you thing this would be a difficult thing to arrange?

    • Shouldn’t be hard to find a girl that lets you work on her without a condom. Not so sure about your ladyboy fantasy though. They’re usually not into girls, you know 😉

      • I guess find a ladyboy thats up for it first and they can help me find the girl. Also, Do you know where would be best to find the newer fresher girls on the market?

  16. I am 33 years and I have been planning to visit Thailand since I was 21 years. It was always my dream to go there. I couldn’t go there because I got seriously occupied with my career as I am into retail. It’s also because I relocated to many other countries like South Africa, Colombia and dubai on working visa. Now I have settled back in India and planning to go alone to my desired holiday place pattaya. What is scaring me is the way indians are treated and I am really surprised also it is funny. I am requesting you to reply if I should go there or not as I have been planning to go there and have my time since ages. I have been treated with honour being a Indian in all the countries I listed that I worked but I don’t want to be insulted in any any country in future at least not in a country like Thailand and at least not because of some illiterate indians who have messed up. Please advise….

    • I would advise you to give Pattaya a try. You seem like a nice guy and the Thais will appreciate this, regardless of what your country of origin. It might also be an advantage (especially with ladies) that you travel on your own and not with a group of friends. Just be your usual self and you should be alright!

  17. Could you please recommend a good bar or two of Jomtien or Soi Buakhao that you know where I can get 2 girls for the price of 1 girl in Pattaya.Thanks

    • Like “buy one, get two”? Lol. But no, sorry, I understand where you’re coming from but I couldn’t recommend you a particular bar. Btw, Jomtien and Soi Buakhao may be still somewhat cheaper than Walking Street, but the prices are going in a similar direction.

  18. What bars have private rooms upstairs for short sexual favour in and around walking street? In case I dont wish to take a girl to my room. Suggest.


    • As far as I know foreigners are not allowed to directly work as architects in Thailand. It’s one of the prohibited occupations. But of course, there are ways around.

    • There are clubs with Russian girls but extremely expensive. Otherwise just look out for freelancers on Walking Street or Beach Road.

  20. All the guides say to pay the bar fine. But, how? Do I just say “Bar fine” to the waitress/bartender? And if I say that in a ST bar, they know that I’m also using one of their rooms?

    • When you chat with a girl and she agrees to join you she will probably ask something like: “You pay bar fine?” or so. The bar fine will then be added to your bill. In an ST bar it’s obvious that you’ll be using one of their rooms, i.e. unless you want to take the girl back to your own room, in which case higher rates may apply.

  21. Hi, fun to read all the comments here 🙂

    Instead of negotiation down a price for a girl I find it easier to simply behave well and treat the girls with respect. It usually gives you a better price, especially if you would like to “entertain” the lady several times.
    Be nice, wear proper cloths (not t-shirt, shorts and flops), smell nice (a shower before you go out is good for you too).
    Make yourself interesting by trying to speak a little bit thai.
    Stay in a good hotel or guesthouse with nice rooms/facilities. Even though the girls are used to dirty cheap rooms, they will appreciate LT in a nice room.
    If you look ok (not a model and not a bald fat guy), this behavior often give you a 2nd day for free or a lot cheaper 🙂
    Just don’t go into the trap beleiving she loves you, hahaha.

    Nice page – have a wonderful Pattaya evening.

  22. I was 10 times in Pattaya already and I would say, I know a little bit about it already 🙂
    I have never before seen a website with such good answers like here.
    Really…what they answer here I can confirm by 100%

    I was smiling when reading some questions….remember me on my first times in Pattaya
    So it’s really good to have a page with good AND correct answers here.

    Don’t stop that okay?


    • Interesting question. Never seen any. But if there are any (given the growing number of Indian males visiting Pattaya I could well imagine there are some Indian freelancers over here) I probably wouldn’t easily find access to the places where they hang out as a Farang (white Western male) anyway?

    • India has a HUGE prostitution industry. There are documentary films about it! Why fly to Thailand to get what you’ve got at home? : )

    • You can find good hotel deals in South Pattaya and near Walking Street here. I don’t know your budget so cannot really recommend a particular place. As for bars and ladies – there are MANY!! So I’d suggest you to just have a look around, have a few drinks in a couple of bars and just talk to the girls. If you’re nice they’ll be nice to you too. I mean, don’t just walk past the bars and chat up the girls there, but actually enter the bars and have a drink. Expect to pay 2,000+ Baht in the Walking Street area. You won’t get it any cheaper there so don’t lose your face by bargaining for absolute knockdown prices. For your safety you might also want to stay clear of freelance street hookers and ladyboys, that’s unless you know what you’re doing.

    • Wanna Break? On 13/1 half a block from Beach Road and less than 10 minutes from Walking Street. Great rooms, wifi, fridge, TV, clean bathrooms. Cafe downstairs.

  23. well, i am from India, with a small group,will stay on feb15 and 16 at PATTAYA. WOULD LIKE TO meet and spend with Russian teen,a chance to cotact them in advance or any nearby place, i can meet them.

    any wats up numbers

  24. I am arriving on wednesday night, wanna enjoy time with a pattaya teen who can do massage well. howmuch they charge? is it safe, i can take them to my hotel

    • Rates depend on what precisely you want (guess a bit more than just a massage?) so can’t really say. Unless you take a freelancer from the street but a girl from a bar or a massage shop, yes, it’s generally safe.

  25. Im so glad i found this site. I have a “little” problem.Im good looking guy, 22 years old, and came to pattaya on 3th feb first time for 3 weeks. So i met this really good looking girl at soi 8 bar, next to subway.she stayed at my hotel 11 days during my holiday but i only paid her 2500bath on first morning we wake up, i really see this as a problem,because i never met anyone who didint have to pay for sex or company. Yes, she had to work almost everdy second night, but always came back to me at 4:00am, and she told to other paying customers that shes on period so none wanted to take her out. i paid everything foods&drinks in good restaurants etc..after first week she started to talk about feelings she has towards me ( at this point i understood its just gold digging) but i was wrong. i gained alot of trust towards her, i could give her my wallet, phone, tablets everything to hold for days (didint have pockets) and she never stole anything. But last day we met, she was on her periods and still wanted to have sex, but this time we used her condoms and they were little bit too small for me and it ended up breaking during sex. She said she never has sex without condoms and started panicking because she said that her boss will kick her from the bar if she gets any kind of std.i have girlfriend in my country, but can i really trust her that i didint get any STD? She said they have monthly STD checks in that bar. She spoke really good english, because she was in England with hes ex boyfriend for 1 year. Have you ever met cases like this, that men didint have to pay anything? Ofc i gave her 5000bath tip on the last day,but still. Sorry if my text is pretty messy, but im still drunk from last night, and i worry so much about STDS.going to make up a lie, that someone stabbed me with needle and we gotta have safesex for 3 month, does that even sound “legit”?

    • Forgot to say that, we had sex without condom after it broke because she said its too late to wear one now. She got really angry at me first,but i saw it from her face that she was worrying even more than me, because that bar job was only reason hes daughters and parents have money to live

    • Hey I like your story 🙂 From my own experience I would say it’s not that unusual at all that young guys don’t have to pay or just pay a reduced rate or just pay every now and then (like you did. I mean, after all, you still paid her 7,500 Baht for 11 days + food and drinks, so it wasn’t exactly a freebie.) When I came to Pattaya the first time I was 24 and met several girls who were happy to go with me and didn’t ask for any money and we always had a great time and I would visit them every now and then. Well, as you get older (I’m 43 now) this is obviously getting harder 🙁 I’d also say that the bar girls these days have a more professional attitude and are more money-minded. I mean, they’re not looking so much for a long-term relationship and regular “sponsor” any longer but rather quick money. As for STDs they’re unfortunately quite common (talking from experience again…) so yes, while I would believe her that she was seriously worried herself about catching a disease etc. I would probably still go for a health check. With most STDs though you will notice any symptoms relatively quickly, usually within 7 days, and they’re all (or most of them) quite easy to cure with antibiotics.

    • Sorry I can’t tell you, maybe someone else here has stayed there? In general I’d say though that unless they’re upper class hotels most hotels around Pattaya are girl-friendly and visitors may only be required to leave their ID card at the reception.

  26. Hi im booking to come to pattaya in november for 3 weeks, im a bit nervous as visiting on my own. First time in pattaya. Im 46 average bloke is it easy to get the girls as will be on my own. Be stopping hopfully lk empress on beach road. Also how you tell difference between go go bars and beer bar.

    • Nothing to be nervous about, the girls might be even easier to pick up when you go out on your own. The difference between a normal bar, or beer bar, and a GoGo bar is easy to tell: GoGo bars are air-conditioned indoor bars with dancing stages and poles for the scantily clad dancers; beer bars are just normal bars where you can pick up the girls but there’s no extra entertainment.

    • Sorry, not really. Try Soi 6 or some of the GoGo bars. Shouldn’t be to difficult to find two willing girls there.

  27. I am looking for Russian girl at Pattaya. How much is the bar fine ,How much for the Russian girl for whole night or for two hours in my hotel room .Which Russian bars are good for visit & seeking girls ??????

  28. I am planning trip to pattaya in October for 10days so will you suggest some good hotels where i can take a girl for long time without any extra charges, my budget for hotel per night is 500 baht and yes there should be bath tub in the room.

  29. Hi.. I am going to pattaya for a week and would need a good thai girl to accompany me for the whole week.. Can I find her online outs some other way ( don’t want to go to bars and search )

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