Bar Girls Fighting Over Farang Customer on Walking Street (Video)


It’s high season in Pattaya – at least on paper. Given that the end of November, the first month of the nominal peak season, is already approaching, at least Pattaya’s bars and clubs are still relatively empty.
That’s neither good news for the tourism industry as a whole nor for Pattaya’s vast entertainment industry with its estimated tens of thousands of female employees – Pattaya’s lovely bar girls.

Farang punters are still few in numbers, so even with the rates for short time/long time services having gone up notably over the last few years, many bar girls are probably still struggling to make ends at the moment. No money, no honey, bar girls like to say. But the opposite is obviously also true: No honey, no money.
So no, it’s hardly a surprise that a video has emerged on YouTube now which shows two bar girls on Walking Street slapping and kicking each other reportedly over a foreign customer.

The clip was first uploaded to Facebook Thursday night and later published on the video sharing website. Only on Facebook the clip has attracted more than a million views in just two days.
In the footage, an unidentified Farang man is seen trying to separate the two brawling bar girls, however to no avail. In the end, it takes a Thai man, perhaps the manager of the beer bar, to break up the public catfight by throwing one of the “ladies” to the ground and slapping the other across the face.
According to the caption of the clip, the two girls were colleagues at a local bar and were fighting over “a Farang customer” (presumably the white guy trying to separate them?)
To judge from the different colours of their dresses (the one that is thrown to the ground is dressed in white and seems to be an “outsider”, the other one in red – same as a bunch of other girls at the bar in the background) it seems more likely though that they work in different bars – effectively making them “rivals by nature” – and were at loggerheads over a butterfly Farang who likes to switch between red and white flowers?

Well, before you watch the actual clip let’s put this latest Pattaya catfight into perspective. In January this year two girls working in a GoGo bar at Jomtien accused each other of “stealing customers” and eventually thrashed it out on the street, leaving one girl badly injured after her jealous colleague stabbed her with a corkscrew.
Less than three months ago, in a mass brawl that involved around 20 bar girls, a GoGo dancer on Soi 6 stabbed a colleague in the face with a broken bottle.
So let’s face it, without the employment of corkscrews, broken bottles, or any other readily available improvised weapons, this wee bit of kicking and slapping in the latest Pattaya catfight clip is really just,um, pussy shit 😉

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  1. Planning a trip to pattaya next month, should be arriving between xmas and new years. Are bars really that empty/quiet at the moment? Thought xmas and new year was peak time?

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