Bar Girl Brawl on Soi 6, GoGo Dancer Stabbed with Broken Bottle

Soi 6 GoGo dancer stabbed in bar girl brawl

You think Thai girls working in the same bar are really all good friends and “sisters”? Nope. There’s actually a lot of competition and jealousy among the girls, with especially “new ladies” finding it hard to fit in when low season is as low as this year and not many Farangs will “bar fine” them.
Only in January this year two girls from an A-GoGo bar at Jomtien thrashed it out after the end of their shift, leaving one girl badly injured after her colleague stabbed her with a corkscrew.
Now a GoGo dancer from an unnamed bar on Soi 6 repeatedly stabbed a colleague in the face with a broken bottle after the “new” girl had allegedly pointed at her with her feet – a serious insult in Thai culture.

In total, Pattaya One report, around 20 girls were involved in the mass brawl that took place at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning just in front of Soi 6 on Pattaya Beach Road and resulted in the 22-year-old victim suffering serious head injuries.
The 20-year-old attacker who had just started working in the same A-GoGo as the victim on Monday night was still holding the weapon used in the attack – a broken green beer bottle – by the time police arrived on the scene.
The other girls who had witnessed the events unfold told police that the “new” girl had become drunk during her shift and at one point “for no reason” pointed her feet at the elder colleague.
A brief catfight between the two rivals was soon stopped by security staff at the venue, so the two “ladies” (sic) decided to thrash it out on the street at the end of their shift – which is just what they did.
Pattaya One report:

As the bar was closing the two squared up but the suspect produced a bottle and hit the victim in the face. She then proceeded to stab her in the face and arms ten-times before she could be pulled off.

After questioning the suspect said she had not pointed her feet at all and that the victim “must have imagined it.” She claimed to have been dragged outside by a group of the victims friends and was “only defending herself with the bottle.”

She further justified her action by saying she had been “bullied all evening” by her new workmates.

Be that as it may. While the victim was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment the 20-year-old attacker was detained by police for further questioning.

Image credit: Khaosod

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