Bangkok Blast – Pattaya Remains Safe for Tourists, Say Police

Walking Street by nightIn the aftermath of Monday’s deadly bomb attack at Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine that also claimed the lives of at least nine foreign tourists, police in Pattaya have now sent a signal assuring the public that the city remains safe for locals as well as tourists and that their “safety is of paramount importance”.
Following a “closed-door meeting” of all local police divisions Tuesday morning, Pattaya One reports that the provincial police chief has ordered all law enforcement officers in the province

to initiate a lock-down security operation in and around Pattaya to ensure there is no repeat of the deadly blast, which took place in Bangkok, here in Pattaya.

As a precaution to ensure safety in and around the tourist city, security checkpoints have been set up on all major highways around Chonburi province and in Pattaya. Inside the city area, police have promised regular security patrols at local shopping centers and tourist attractions “for the foreseeable future”. To ensure sufficient manpower, “all police leave has been cancelled with immediate effect”.

Special attention has been given to the Walking Street entertainment zone that draws thousands of foreign revelers each night and is popular also with Chinese tour groups. Tourist police officers stationed on Walking Street will now be supported by the army and police volunteers. “Around 40 tourist hot spots” in the area will reportedly be “policed 24 hours a day”.
Obviously, if there ever was a “prime target” for would-be terrorists in Pattaya it would be Walking Street, so it’s certainly good to know that security in the area will be stepped up over the coming weeks.

On a national level, the Bangkok Post reports, increased security measures will also be in place in other popular destinations and at all airports nationwide. Due to speculation the bomb attacks may have specifically targeted Chinese nationals, special attention will be given to areas that are known to draw large number of Chinese tourists.

Regarding the measures in Pattaya, there’s but one minor drawback. Pattaya One notes:

As a precaution late night venues were told to close early [for the time being], a measure which is expected to be short-term as long as the security situation in Thailand does not deteriorate further.

The next couple of days should show how early “early” will be in practice, but we don’t think the extra security measures will have much of an impact on your nightlife experience.

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