Australian Woman Pickpocketed on Pattaya Baht Bus


Two Thai women, aged 27 and 35, were arrested and charged with theft Tuesday afternoon for pickpocketing an elderly Australian woman on a Baht bus. A third member of the pickpocket gang, reportedly a ladyboy, is still on the loose.
The 69-year-old tourist had earlier on Tuesday taken a Baht bus in Pattaya and noticed only at the end of the trip that her purse containing 5,500 Baht in cash and an ATM card was missing from her bag.

Police used CCTV footage to identify the suspects and quickly arrested two Thai women that were obviously already known to police in a room on Thepprasit Road Soi 7. According to Pattaya One, a third member of the pickpocket gang, a ladyboy known only by the name of “Pom”, somehow managed to escape just in time.
Both women confessed not only to robbing the Australian woman that day but to regularly targeting tourists on Baht buses and explained in detail how their pickpocket team would operate.

Their modus operandi obviously included two gang members on a Baht bus (let’s call them A and B), and a third member of the gang (C) following the taxi on a motorcycle.
After identifying a possible victim, preferably elderly foreigners it seems, A would do the actual pickpocketing job, but rather than keep the stolen goods on his/her body quickly pass them on to B who would immediately get off the Baht bus and jump on the back of C’s motorcycle.
The three would reportedly take it in turns and always meet up later to share the spoils.

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