Algerian Nabbed for Burgling Pattaya Hotel Rooms

An Algerian man was arrested on Wednesday for burgling at least six rooms at various hotels and guesthouses around Pattaya.
Pattaya One report that the 44-year-old suspect, identified as Mr. Nadir Latmir, is

thought to have been operating in the Pattaya area for a long time already. He has used the same tactics every time too, so it was easy to pinpoint the same man.
He would sneak behind hotel reception counters, steal room keys, and help himself to whatever he could find.
Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t bright enough to consider that there might be CCTV cameras watching his every move.

Given that the Algerian repeat offender was reportedly only recently released from jail on bail let’s hope he’ll get locked up for a bit longer now and then deported back to Algeria a.s.a.p.

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