23 Indian Tourists Rescued from Sinking Speedboat

23 Indian Tourists Rescued from Sinking Speedboat

Speedboats have been temporarily banned from carrying passengers between Pattaya and Ko Larn island after a small vessel carrying 23 Indian tourists sank Thursday afternoon.
The speedboat reportedly sprang a leak on the way back from Ko Sak, a small island near Ko Larn, approx. two kilometres off the coast of North Pattaya, causing the small vessel to submerge within minutes.
Fortunately two other speedboats were passing by at the time of the accident, and all 23 passengers were rescued and safely ferried back to dry land.

None of the Indian tourists were seriously injured in the yet unexplained accident, however many had suffered some small cuts and bruises and were still in a state of shock following their lucky rescue.
Although the cause of the incident has not been officially determined yet, authorities were quick to blame strong winds and high waves at the time. Until the weather situation has returned to normal, speedboats and other small boats have now been temporarily banned from transporting passengers in the bay of Pattaya.

Sources/image credit: Khaosod, Pattaya One

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