Young Norwegian Attempts Suicide by Slashing Wrist

Tassanee Garden Lodge NakluaA 20-year-old Norwegian tourist apparently tried to kill himself by slashing his wrist with broken glass in a Pattaya hotel room Sunday afternoon.
The suicide attempt took place at the young tourist’s rented room at the Tassanee Garden Lodge on Naklua Road Soi 27. Fellow residents had heard the Norwegian man groaning in pain and alerted hotel staff who forcibly gained entry to the room after the occupant refused to open the door.
The unconscious Norwegian was found lying on the floor beside the bed, bleeding heavily from deep gashes on his left wrist and with blood splattered all over the floor and wall. Pattaya One reports:

Medics arrived and initially found it difficult to deal with the Norwegian who was combative. Eventually he was taken to hospital but refused to tell anyone why he appears to have self-harmed.

The good news are that he obviously survived without life-threatening injuries. But to start with, what causes a 20-year-old tourist in Pattaya to smash a bottle or glass in his room and slash his wrist on a Sunday afternoon?
Too much cheap booze to handle for a young Norwegian who can hardly afford a beer in his hometown? Another young sailor or offshore worker who wastes his money at the speed of light during a one-month break from a life of hard work? Dumped by his Thai hooker GF after he ran out of cash? Drugs, mental problems? What’s a 20-year-old doing in Pattaya in the first place?
It’s paradise for a young man, no doubt, but not necessarily a healthy place.

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