Young Korean Tourist Falls to Death from Pattaya Apartment

Korean Tourist Falls to Death from Pattaya Apartment

A young Korean tourist who had been drinking with a “beautiful Thai woman” prior to his mysterious death fell from his fourth-four room at an apartment building in Pattaya Friday morning. Although rescue workers performed CPR on the severely injured man he was pronounced dead at the scene.
It remains unclear whether this latest unnatural death of a foreigner in Pattaya – after all, the fifth in less than a week – was an unfortunate accident, murder or suicide. If it was the latter it would be the third foreign suicide in Pattaya within just four days.

The body of 24-year-old Mr. Davin Han (?) from South Korea was found lying on the ground floor of the K.P. Apartment on Soi Phetrakul in Central Pattaya at 6.30 a.m. after he’d apparently plunged from his rented room on the fourth floor of the apartment building.
A Korean friend of the victim and his Thai girlfriend told police they had earlier been drinking together with Mr. David who seemed as happy as usual. After the couple had returned to their room in the same apartment block earlier in the night Mr. David reportedly continued drinking with an unidentified “beautiful Thai woman.”
It remains unclear whether this drinking session took place in the victim’s room or elsewhere.

Later in the night they stated they heard some kind of commotion in the victim’s room and the sound of their friend “cry out loud.” When they rushed to knock on his door, however, no one opened the door.
A short while later they heard the sound of a large object hit the ground. Looking out of their window they discovered Mr David’s body lying by the side of the building as if he had jumped from his balcony.

The death of the young Korean tourist has not been confirmed as suicide yet as police are seeking to identify and track down the mysterious “beautiful Thai woman” who was apparently the last person to see Mr David alive.

Source/images: Khaosod

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