Young German Woman Has Bag Snatched in Central Pattaya

bag snatchAn 18-year-old female German volunteer worker in Pattaya had her shoulder bag snatched by two Thai men on a motorcycle late Wednesday night.
This was reportedly just one out of three bag snatch cases within less than two hours and police are confident that the culprits in each case were the same two men.
Pattaya One reports that the German teenager – a volunteer at the “Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities” – had just done some shopping at a convenience store and was on her way back to her rented apartment off Central Pattaya Road

when two men on a motorbike drove-up beside her and the passenger snatched her shoulder bag.

The woman reportedly lost her IPad, her mobile phone and some money in the drive-by bag snatch. As the victim could only give “vague descriptions of the men and their motorbike” police may have to rely on eyewitnesses and CCTV footage to identify and locate the two men.
Pattaya Daily News also have a video report.

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