Watch Vendor Threatens Foreigner With Knife

Copy watches sold on the beachWith low season in “full swing”, business in Pattaya surely isn’t brilliant at the moment. But have street vendors now become so desperate that they need to threaten tourists to buy their stuff?
Pattaya Daily News report now that a watch vendor “threatened to stab” a foreigner as he was enjoying his meal at an eatery on Pattaya 3rd Road Tuesday night “because he didn’t want to buy a watch” after trying it on.
An employee of the the popular Flying Vegetable restaurant has been quoted as saying that

the street vendor interrupted [the foreigner] whilst he was eating and tried to sell him a watch. The foreigner then tried on a watch but didn’t want to buy it which caused the vendor to get angry and they started arguing. The vendor then pulled out a knife and threatened the foreigner and another two vendors turned up and also started bullying the foreigner before they fled the scene.

While the identity and nationality of the foreign victim have not been revealed, the street vendor was described as approx. 160 cm tall, “wearing a green shirt and a long pair of jeans.” He reportedly fled the scene on a Honda Wave motorcycle.
PDN adds that witnesses had also “recorded the incident” presumably with their smartphones, which may be more conducive to police trying to identify and catch the culprit than the rather vague description given by witnesses.

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