Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist (5)

Alley in South Pattaya after darkAn English amateur writer named Allan Dudson and of approximately the same age as your webmaster recently sent us an email asking us to help him promote a book he had written over a decade ago but failed to publish the old-fashioned way.
In brief, the subject of his autobiographical work is Pattaya and his adventures here as a young British “sex tourist” over numerous visits to the city between 1996 and 2002 – a topic we thought some of our readers might enjoy too.
Allan has now published his book on Amazon Kindle, hoping to sell enough copies to get him and his family – a former bar girl from Soi 8 he married in 2002 and their two kids – back to Thailand once again; a country they last visited in 2006.
We’re happy to support Allan and have now published a series of excerpts from his 301-page book Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist here in our blog. If you like our “literary appetizers” and want to read more you can purchase the book at the Amazon website at just £2.67.
Here’s Part Five of our Walking the Wild Side series. You may also be interested in:




continued from Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist (Part Four)

Next day, I awoke to the sound of Dean banging furiously on my door and shouting that we were going down for breakfast. There was something wrong with Dean. I noticed that his personality was changing. Back home, he was always a cool, assertive guy, sure of himself and happy, and yet here he was acting like a fool; it was as if a virus was slowly taking over his mind. Perhaps the magic was working on us all. I got up and thought about the sex that had occured during the night. Nang got up as well and before leaving, I gave her a long kiss and handed her a thousand Baht, it was worth it. I told her that I didn’t know if we were staying in Bangkok that night or if we were going to Pattaya, a seaside resort about 83 miles (134 km) from Bangkok. I told her that she should go now. I think that she hadn’t understood me (or wanted to) because when we got down to the restaurant, I said goodbye to her then went inside and sat with the other three. I looked up about five or ten minutes later to see her looking very sad at me through the glass doors.

Walking the Wild Side by Allan DudsonI asked John if we would be leaving for Pattaya today or tomorrow. He said that we would be going tomorrow, but he could see the situation with Nang peering through the door, so he told me that I had better get rid of that girl because there would most certainly be another one I would want tonight. John had been to Thailand many times before and although his advice wasn’t always good and sometimes selfish as I found out later, I felt compelled to listen to him. I really wanted to return to Nang and take her back to my room, but I didn’t. I looked at my watch and it was 2.30 p.m so I ordered a stake. After eating, we all left the restaurant together to do a bit of shopping. When we got outside, Nang was still stood there waiting. I told her as we walked by that she should go home now because we were going to Pattaya that night. She immediately asked if she could accompany me to Pattaya and if she could stay with me for the whole holiday. I just said no and I never saw her again.

Later that afternoon, we were all congregated in Johns’ room and Gaz decided that he needed to use the toilet. John, at the same time as Gaz, decided that he had to go as well. Without much thought, as Gaz entered the toilet and locked the door, John picked up an ashtray off the side and placed it with a ‘clank’ onto the tiled floor. He then proceeded to drop his track-suit bottoms and pants before he squeezed out a single, long, fat turd (faeces) into the middle of the glass ashtray. He was grinning and smirking as he pulled up his pants, without cleaning his arse and then he headed towards the open window with the steaming turd still in the ashtray. Dean and I were shocked and speechless as John catapulted the turd from the glass tray and out of the window, as we all witnessed it fly through the air and land with a splash into the hotels swimming pool below. John laughed out loud and shouted, “what a shot” and I immediately informed him that he was a fucking mental case and that I had always thought that he was the sensible one out of our small gang; until now.

That night we all left our hotel, passed the swimming pool where a Thai man with a large net was ‘fishing’ out the turd that John had threw in earlier; we all laughed and headed to the beer garden first to plan out the night ahead. I didn’t see Nang in there although I was sort of hoping I would. We had a few drinks, chatted to a few girls and John said we would later go to a place called the ‘Nana Plaza’. This was a complex of bars with a massive hotel of the same name opposite. There was a big disco/nightclub underneath this hotel where all the girls from the bars go when they had finished work, if they had not already been taken. We set off to the Nana Plaza and once inside the complex, we walked by one bar that had a big screen showing a football match. I think it was the world cup that year, I’m not sure because I’m one of the very few Brits who had no interest in football whatsoever, but the other three had, so we went in. At the back of this bar I found a Go-Go area where I stayed while the others watched the football. It was really quite empty in the back, as most of the male clientele were in the front because of the football match. Actually I remember now, it was the European cup, in 1996.

Go-go bars in Thailand are a room with a long platform in the middle of it, about waist high, joined to the ceiling by a few chrome poles. There are bar stools around it and chairs and sometimes sofas around the sides of the room. There are six or more sexy Thai girls half naked, or sometimes fully naked, holding the poles and dancing seductively up and down them. The idea is to sit back, see the girl that you want to fuck and tell a member of staff which one you want, usually by telling them a number which is pinned to the girl somewhere. Then you can either take the girl upstairs to a room, or take her back to your hotel room. I only went into go-go bars to drool over the girls, and to treat my eyes. I would only take one if she was something really special because of how expensive it was in these bars, as it would probably work out to be about two thousand Baht once everything was paid for, maybe more. It always amazed me how all the ‘farang’, which is the Thai word for any white westerner or foreign person, always sat around the sides of the room as if they were afraid of the girls. I would always sit directly under the girls so I could get a perfect view; this time was no exception.

It was happy hour and I had ordered a drink and sat by myself on a seat right next to the platform. All the girls were cleared off the stage. I wondered what was happening; I thought that the entertainment had ended for the night due to the lack of customers. I was just about to finish my drink and go and sit with the others to reluctantly watch the football, when I saw two lovely girls get onto the stage bringing with them a chair. They slowly took each other’s underwear off and started kissing.

One girl lifted her leg onto the chair as the other girl squatted down before her and placed her head between her friend’s legs. She pushed out her tongue and started to lick, both moving seductively to Madonna’s, ‘Justify My Love’. I saw everything close-up from where I was sitting and I could even smell their sweet, fragrent vaginas I was that close. The girl, who had been resting her foot on the chair, began to walk around the back of the girl that had been squatting. She helped her friend to her feet and motioned her to place both of her hands on the front of the chair and to bend right over. The girl with her hands on the chair, then slowly opened her legs as her friend got on all fours behind her and started to lick her calves before working all the way up her legs until she got to her buttocks. She then pulled her friend’s cheeks apart as I watched with a full on erection straining in my pants, as she forced her tongue right up inside of her anus and flicked it in and out. The girls finished their lesbian show and left the platform to the feable applause of two or three pairs of hands and then another troop returned to dance. I finished my drink, waited for my erection to subside and then went to find the others. I ordered another drink and asked the guys what the score was, although I wasn’t really interested.


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