Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist (4)

Alley in South PattayaAn English amateur writer named Allan Dudson and of approximately the same age as your webmaster recently sent us an email asking us to help him promote a book he had written over a decade ago but failed to publish the old-fashioned way.
In brief, the subject of his autobiographical work is Pattaya and his adventures here as a young British “sex tourist” over numerous visits to the city between 1996 and 2002 – a topic we thought some of our readers might enjoy too.
Allan has now published his book on Amazon Kindle, hoping to sell enough copies to get him and his family – a former bar girl from Soi 8 he married in 2002 and their two kids – back to Thailand once again; a country they last visited in 2006.
We’re happy to support Allan and have now published a series of excerpts from his 301-page book Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist here in our blog. If you like our “literary appetizers” and want to read more you can purchase the book at the Amazon website at just £2.67.
Here’s Part Four of our Walking the Wild Side series. You may also be interested in:




continued from Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist (Part Three)

Later, we found ourselves at a place called ‘Soi Cowboy’, which is like a square with many small bars and Go-Go bars. It was like heaven for me, girls everywhere trying to pull me into every bar we passed. I learned very quickly to just tell them that we would return to their bar shortly and they would leave me alone instead of dragging me in. John took us into one bar with some lovely looking sexy girls outside. Once inside he told us that all of these beautiful girls were actually lady-boys. I couldn’t believe it, they were all so beautiful. This was the first time that I had ever come into contact with a real live transsexual. I wasn’t sure how to react, it was very strange. My mind was cross examining itself; ‘They look like women, they have tits and a sexy body… but they also have a cock and bollocks’ (testicles).

Walking the Wild Side by Allan DudsonWe sat down and ordered a round of drinks, I looked at Dean and he was panicking saying that he didn’t want to stay in this bar. It didn’t bother me at all after the first few minutes; in fact I was quite comfortable. John and I both had a lady-boy sat with us. John turned to me and said, “Watch this.” and with that he turned to his lady-boy and kissed her long and hard on the mouth. He turned back to me and looked pleased with himself. I was always one to push things a little further than anyone else, having grown up with three elder brothers and trying to win their respect, so I told him to watch me. I leaned over to my lady-boy, released her tit and started sucking her nipple. My hand was rubbing up and down between her legs, under her silky dress, until her little cock was fully erect and pushing against her panties. I pulled her cock free, lowered my head and took the whole length of her small, but hard cock into my mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. I got up from her lap laughing. John looked impressed, Gaz found it amusing but Dean looked absolutely disgusted at me. The lady-boy would not leave me alone after that trying to force me upstairs and into a private room with her. One thing, I wasn’t ready to go with a lady-boy alone and another thing, I knew it would be expensive to have a one on one with her, him, or whatever it was, so we all drank our beers and left, much to Deans’ relief.

We went to a few more bars after that. In the last bar that I was in, I looked at my watch, and saw it was about 1.30a.m. So I told John that we should think about heading back to the hotel to meet the girls and honour our arrangements that we had both made earlier that evening. He spent the next fifteen minutes trying to convince me that the girls would not turn up and that I should forget about them, almost ordering me to stay out with him, Gaz and Dean and to get another girl to take back for the night. I decided not to believe him and left the bar alone. At least I would be doing the decent thing by keeping my promise to the girl, and if she didn’t turn up then at least I could find out that John had been right, and that the girl was the dishonourable one.

As I walked away, leaving my three omegas, John instructed me that if the girls had turned up, that I should tell his girl that he would be there in about one hour. I got into a Tuk-Tuk, and instructed the driver to take me to the Golden Palace hotel. On the way, the driver was trying to get me to go back to his house to fuck his wife or daughter, or both together if I wanted to. He showed me a photograph of them and his daughter looked far too young to be fucking but his wife looked good. I suppose I should have been shocked and frightened but I wasn’t; I just told him, no thank you, for I have a girl waiting for me at the hotel so I would not require the services of his family.

We pulled up outside the hotel at 2a.m exactly. I got out and paid the driver, I said thank you and he turned around and drove off. As I approached the reception, I saw the two girls standing outside and waiting. Nang came running towards me, threw her arms around me, kissed me and said, “Thank you for coming back.” John’s girl looked very upset so I quickly informed her that John would be there within the hour and she cheered up a little. I asked for the door key but somehow gave the receptionist the wrong door number and we ended up in Johns’ room, so I decided that we all should wait there because John would return soon anyway.

I secretly knew of course that the mix up with the room keys was not entirely an accident, as my mind was spontaneously thinking that if I were to be drugged and robbed by these two strangers and their accomplices, at least I would have been found quickly, and the stuff that would have been stolen, would not have been mine. I offered the two girls a drink from Johns’ mini-bar and helped myself to a beer. The others turned up about forty-five minutes later and entered the room, where John and I exchanged keys. Gaz had a girl with him and stayed for about two minutes only before disappearing into his room with her. When he had gone, John asked me if I had noticed anything about the girl that Gaz was with. He then explained that Gaz’ first Thai girl experience wasn’t a girl at all but a lady-boy and I asked John if Gaz had known that she was a ‘he’. We stayed in Johns’ room for about another hour talking and drinking and I asked Dean why he didn’t have a girl for the night. He said that he couldn’t find one that he wanted. I thought that was a stupid answer as there were thousands of beautiful girls out there and he couldn’t find one. Still, it was him that was going to bed alone that night, not me. I left Johns’ room and entered my own room with Nang.

I asked Nang if she would stay with me all night and she agreed; then I thought that the pressure was off and I could get some sleep and fuck her in the morning because I was so incredibly tired. We both undressed and Nang got into the shower. I sat on the bed for a little while and then got up to take a shower with her. For some time, I just stood at the bathroom door and watched her shower. Her body was immaculate. She wasn’t very tall and her breasts were not very big but they were firm and a good shape. I watched her as she rubbed my shower gel over her shoulders, her breasts and then down over her flat stomach. She then turned her back to me and washed her buttocks. It was such a joyess moment to be stood at a short distance away from this marvellous sight. I was mesmerised as her hands rubbed all over her small, firm, almost boyish buttocks, in what seemed to be ‘slow motion’ as I beheld the sight while becoming quite aroused and excited. She lifted her leg slightly and rubbed soap vigorously into her crotch from the front and I could see her fingers keep appearing and popping out from between her buttocks as she washed. She rinsed off the lather, picked up a towel and dabbed herself with it as she passed me at the door; she playfully grabbed at my erection as she went by. I showered quickly and returned to the bedroom to find her already in bed. I dried off and climbed in beside her. I started to play with her breasts and I kissed her on the neck. But then suddenly, without trying or even being aware, I was fast asleep.

It seemed like I had been in a deep sleep for a long time, but in reality it was only moments before I opened my eyes to find Nang sat on top me. I looked up and saw her face looking down at me and with her jet black hair touching my shoulders, she whispered, “It o.k?” I nodded in agreement and croaked the word ‘yes’ almost at the same time. Looking back, I think the inadequate question that she had asked, was to find out if it would be alright if she inserted my penis into her without the use of protection. Then she reached around herself and guided my already stiff cock into her well lubricated vagina. I raised my hands to cup a breast in each one and then with my right hand, I gently squeezed her hard nipple between my thumb and finger. My breathing was faster and harder, I had a swirling feeling in the pit of my stomache as she was riding up and down and I could feel the tight grip that her vagina had over my cock. It felt so good to be fucking this girl without a condom. After my first experience the day before, I was comparing both fucks and the ‘bare-back’ experience was by far the better. We were doing this for five minutes or so and I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer; and then the black magic began.

She stopped moving and I reached around her and held on to her ass very tightly. Everything around slowed right down except for my heart that speeded up as the atmosphere became silent. Our eyes met, and because it was not too bright in my room, with just a bit of the reddish sunrise forcing its’ was through the thin materiel of the closed curtains, all I could see on the face of the girl who sat motionless astride me, was two black holes where her eyes should be; it was almost hypnotic and so very strange. She was completely motionless but I could still feel my penis being pumped and sucked as it was securely gripped deep inside of her. It was so weird but absolutely amazing. She was somehow using her internal organs and muscles to fuck me. Within seconds, my eyes rolled around to the back of my head as I lifted her buttocks upwards to free my penis from her grip, and I began ejaculation. With the pump action of a large water-pistol, I sqirted my semen again and again onto her back, with the first jet shooting all the way over her head and hitting me right on the side of my face. Approximately, another five smaller spurts landed up her back. She then climbed off me and licked the sperm off my face before she lay down with her back to me and her ass pushing against my crotch. In that position, we both went back to sleep with my heart still pounding with excitement and the biggest smile across my face and with a relentless erection that would not recede. Up until that point, it was the best fuck of my life.


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