Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist (2)

Allan Dudson Walking the Wild SideAn English amateur writer named Allan Dudson and of approximately the same age as your webmaster recently sent us an email asking us to help him promote a book he had written more than a decade ago but failed to publish the old-fashioned way.
In brief, the subject of his autobiographical work is Pattaya and his adventures here as a young British “sex tourist” over numerous visits to the city between 1996 and 2002 – a topic we thought some of our readers might enjoy too.
Allan has now published his book on Amazon Kindle, hoping to sell enough copies to get him and his family – an ex-bar girl from the now defunct Victory Bar on Soi 8 he married in 2002 and their two kids – back to Thailand once again; a country they last visited in 2006.
We’re happy to support Allan and have now published a series of excerpts from his 301-page book Walking the Wild Side – The Life of a Sex Tourist here in our blog. If you like our “literary appetizers” and want to read more you can purchase the book at the Amazon website at just £2.67.
Here’s Part Two of our Walking the Wild Side series. You may also be interested in:




(continued from Walking the Wild Side (Part One) – Introduction: Pattaya in the late 1990s)

She asked me where my Hotel was and I told her that it was just two streets away. She suddenly stopped and told me that she had a room and suggested that we go there. I agreed and we both walked into a laundry shop and through to the back, passing by Thai men and women washing shirts and underwear. We climbed some stairs and entered a small, dark room. I could smell sex and stale semen as I entered; the whole experience was a little un-nerving.

Once inside she handed me a towel and told me to undress and take a shower. As I unbuttoned my shirt, she lifted her T-shirt and I got my first sight of her naked breasts. I wanted to savour the moment, but she was so professional. Her shorts and panties were off at the same time and neatly thrown at the end of the bed. She quickly walked towards a fan muttering something about the extreme heat and then turned it on to full power. I watched her movements and that was enough to cause my penis to slightly harden. She returned to me and smiled as she helped me undress. When she pulled down my boxer shorts, she noticed that I had a complete erection and she smiled. She stroked my penis with her soft, brown hands and then directed me into the shower. Still holding onto my cock with one hand, she turned on the shower taps with the other, only to let go of my erection to get the water temperature right.

Once we were both crammed into the little shower cubicle, and the water was sprinkling between us, she cupped my hands together, flipped the lid of a bottle of Lux shower lotion, squirted a generous amount into my hands and then placed them over her beautiful, firm breasts; I was so happy. I covered her body in white foam and she did the same to mine. I was reaching around the back of her and rubbing my hands all over her buttocks. She was vigorously washing my erect penis until then she pressed her tits into my stomach, moved her hands behind me and run them all over my ass. She then, without warning, pushed her finger between my buttocks and rubbed it up and down making sure that my little hole was nice and clean. I thought that I was going to orgasm in the shower. I calmed down a little when she stopped touching me and cleared all the soap away from us both with the shower head. She terminated the water with the taps, stepped out of the shower, picked up a towel and dried me off first before drying herself.

As I lay on her bed with the fan providing a pleasant breeze, she climbed up standing above my face and lifted one leg and rested it onto the window sill. With her other leg slightly bending, she lowered her torso towards my face. She was caressing her own buttocks and pulling them apart for my viewing pleasure. As I just lay there with a pulsing cock, I was looking up to see the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my life. All I found my self saying was, “Very nice.” She climbed off the bed and went over to a drawer. She quickly returned and sat on the bed with a handful of photographs. I rushed through those glamour shots of her, some fully clothed, some partially clothed and some naked, as I listened to her telling me all about how she was going to go to Holland to work as a prostitute. Although the photographs were certainly a pleasant sight, I was far too eager to get on with what we were there for to care about her story or to look at pictures. I handed the photographs to her and she put them away. She returned and lay on her side on the small remaining area of the single bed.

She then began kissing my mouth before lowering herself slowly down my body, licking me as she went. She got to my penis and licked the end. I could feel her warm, wet tongue running up and down the length of my penis and then all around my testicals. Suddenly, she pushed my leg up and flicked her tongue over my anus. It felt very good as it was the first time anyone had ever done anything like that to me, (The first time I had even been in the same bed with a conscious girl). When she lifted her head, she put my whole cock into her mouth and I watched with wide eyes as the entire length disappeared and she stayed in that position for some moments.

I wanted to ejaculate to the back of her throat but I stopped myself because I needed to have my penis inside of her vagina desperately. I pulled her head gently up towards mine and kissed her deeply tasting my own cock. She moved away and took a condom from beside the bed. At last, the moment that I had been waiting for so long was about to realise. With the condom in place, I suddenly felt a little un-easy, it made me feel restrained and I didn’t like it. For some weird reason, I was thinking about the spermicide killing my sperm and defeating the object of fucking; strange I know but it was how I felt. I was still as horny as hell as she sat astride me, riding like a professional jockey.

After about twenty minutes, I still hadn’t finished and she kept looking at her watch and putting me off. Then I started thinking that something was wrong with me; why can’t I finish. After about another five minutes I think the girl had realised that something was not quite right. I bet that she had assumed that I would be in and out within minutes, because of my age and obvious lack of experience. I could sense that she was becoming quite impatient, and that upset me. I pushed her off and fumbled for my wallet to pay her. She immediately dismounted and removed the condom and continued to suck my penis back to life (Most kind of her). Then with a sense of complete satisfaction, I ejaculated right into her mouth. She moved her face away very slightly and I could see my sperm still erupting and dripping from her lips and down her chin. Then she wiped her tongue on my thigh and disappeared into the shower.

I lay there feeling extremely blissful and contented, but also wondering why I took so long to finish, I thought that I would have been in and out like a rampant rabbit. I pulled myself together and got dressed by which time she had emerged from the shower and started to pull on her tiny panties. She looked up to me and said, “You not shower?” to which I replied, “I just have.” She finished dressing and came to sit next to me and my wallet on the bed and asked me for one thousand Baht (Baht being the Thai currency and one thousand Baht at the time would have been about £25) which I thought was a bit expensive because Johnny had told me to expect to pay about five hundred Baht. I told her that I only had eight hundred and that will have to do.

We both walked back to the bar together. On arrival, she kissed me at the entrance and let me go in first. I met up with the others and picked up my beer to drink. I began to brag about how good it was when I saw my girl enter the bar without even looking towards me as she prepared herself for her next customer.



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