Uzbekistan Tourist Assaulted, Robbed by Baht Bus Driver

Walking Street in South Pattaya

A 21-year-old tourist from Uzbekistan was reportedly assaulted and robbed by a disgruntled Baht bus driver and a bunch of his Thai mates in South Pattaya late Friday night. The tourist claims he lost his passport and 1,000 US dollars in cash in the attack.
The assault reportedly took place opposite Bamboo Bar near the entrance to Walking Street after Mr Turev Kamol (that’s the Uzbekistan man) had spent the night partying in South Pattaya and tried to catch a Baht bus back to his hotel in Jomtien.
Due to what appears to be a misunderstanding and “communication difficulties”, Mr. Kamol and the taxi driver however failed to agree on a fare for the trip, so Mr Kamol eventually approached another Baht bus, obviously looking for a better deal. Pattaya One reports that the tourist’s decision apparently

angered the first driver who ran after Mr. Kamol and assaulted him with the help of 8 other Thai men. During the assault Mr. Kamol lost his passport and wallet which contained a reported 1,000 US Dollars.

The young Uzbekistan tourist made his way to Pattaya Police Station and reported the attack and robbery while police, as usual, promised to investigate the case etc. This could actually be the end of the story. But no, it’s here where things start smelling somewhat fishy.

Later on Saturday, Pattaya One report, three unnamed Thai men, including an alleged eyewitness, handed in the stolen wallet and passport at the station; however, surprise surprise, there were only 2,000 Baht and 116 dollars in cash left in the tourist’s wallet, not the 1,000 US dollars he claimed to have carried on him the night before.
Moreover, the young Uzbekistan tourist was called back to the police station and identified one of the three men as one of his attackers. So you think police would take action now? Far wrong. Pattaya One reports:

Surprisingly and despite this allegation by Mr. Kamol, police decided not to investigate the claim any further as it was decided that the fact [that] the man [had] returned the wallet and passport was enough to excuse [him] from being investigated, despite being identified by the victim.

Well, what can we say? While we fully understand that the “boys in brown” entertain some (justified) doubt regarding the tourist’s claim he carried 1,000 dollars in his wallet, you would at least expect the police to further investigate the alleged attacker instead of just letting him get off scot-free. Never mind that Mr Kamol may not be 100% honest about the amount of cash he carried in his wallet (keyword: insurance fraud) – he was obviously assaulted for no apparent reason and sustained some minor facial and head injuries.
According to Pattaya One, investigations reportedly continue at this point so a “quick and amicable solution” may be found. But whatever the result of the inquiries may be, we can’t help but notice a somewhat fishy smell.

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