Unidentified Western Male Falls to Death from Pattaya Condo

Unidentified Foreigner Falls to Death from Pattaya Condo

An unidentified Western male of unknown nationality fell to his death Tuesday evening from the the View Talay Pattaya Beach Condo 6 in Central Pattaya. While an accident or foul play have not been ruled out it seems likely that the white-skinned foreigner simply joined the Pattaya skydiver club and deliberately jumped from an upper floor of the high-rise building.

The Caucasian man’s body was reportedly found in a “severely mangled condition” on the ground floor of the condo at around 9.30 p.m. He carried no ID card on him but was described by police as approx. 30-35 years of age and 165-170 centimetres tall, with a “dragon tattoo” on his right arm and shoulder.
A wallet police found in the foreigner’s pockets contained only 70 Baht but provided no clues as to the identity or nationality of the victim.
Witnesses reportedly saw the foreigner buy a bottle of beer at a shop on the ground floor of the condominium no more than 10 minutes before his body was found by condo staff. It remains unclear whether or not the foreigner was a resident at the condominium and from which floor he plunged to his death.

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