Unidentified Foreigner Falls Through Pattaya Temple Roof

Unidentified foreigner falls through Pattaya temple roof

An unidentified foreigner of unknown nationality apparently climbed onto the rooftop of the Children’s Center Canteen at the Wat Chaimongkol temple in South Pattaya early Monday morning. Most likely due to his weight he eventually fell through the roof and landed face-down on the ground floor of the temple building.

The body of the strongly built Caucasian man, presumed to be in his mid-fourties, was found by temple staff at 6 a.m. with a broken skull and covered in blood. He was soon pronounced dead at the scene.
Aside from an iPhone and a small amount of cash police found no documents on the foreigner’s body that may help establish his identity. The light-skinned man is however presumed to be a European or North American.

Pattaya One reports that a temple staff member had

heard a loud noise and thought there was a burglar on the roof and so he called for security.

When staff arrived they discovered the body.

Police are now reviewing CCTV footage in the area of the temple in an attempt to identify the dead foreigner and find out he climbed onto the temple roof. For the time being it also remains unknown whether his death was just a freak accident of some sort or in fact a suicide.

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