Unidentified Foreigner Drowns off Pattaya Beach

259000_206128159422350_100000755023422_511837_1006048_oThe body of an unidentified foreigner believed to be a European was found floating face down in the sea near Koh Chun island, about one nautical mile from Pattaya beach, on Saturday.
The man was wearing only swimming trunks and had died at least 12 hours before his body was found.
There were no traces of foul play on the body and police presume that the foreigner drowned while swimming in the sea. The body will however be sent to the Police General Hospital in Bangkok for a post-mortem to establish the exact cause of death.
A beach chair operator on Pattaya beach told police the victim had gone swimming late Friday afternoon but still not returned to his chair after “several hours”. In an attempt to identify the man, police will now question hotels around Pattaya to see if there are any missing guests.

Sources: Bangkok Post, PDN

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  1. I know of a Norwegian Man named Iver Alvik who has gone missing. This was reported to the police. Please email me any additional info. His father is very concerned.

    • Sorry but we haven’t got any additional info on this case ourselves. Do you know if there has been any response from the police in connection with the drowned man? If police know in which hotel Mr. Alvik stayed it should be easy to get hold of his passport or other documentation that might help clarify whether the drowned man was the same person or not?

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