Two-Year Overstayer Caught Living at Pattaya Five-Star Hotel


A 41-year-old Kazakhstan national who had overstayed his visa for over two years was arrested by immigration at the five-star Royal Cliff Beach Hotel Saturday afternoon.
Apparently unaware of the new immigration rules that allow for blacklisting visa overstayers for up to 10 years, Mr Nikita Komissarov had overstayed his visa for exactly 734 days, i.e. he will indeed be banned from re-entering the country for a whopping 10 years now.

According to Pattaya One, Mr Komissarov claimed that “his passport had been damaged and he was afraid of returning to his own country in case he got into trouble.”
Now that’s a strange explanation. Couldn’t he have simply gone to his embassy and apply for a new (temporary) passport and then have his visa transferred into the new passport? Sure he could.
Another puzzle is that Mr Komissarov actually stayed at one of Pattaya’s most expensive and oldest established five-star hotels (and could apparently afford to pay his bills there.)
Now most foreigners who end up on an overstay do so because they’ve run out of money, can’t afford to go on a visa run etc. They would obviously not stay at a luxury resort as Mr Komissarov did who obviously failed to solve his visa problems not because of money issues.
Well, he says himself he was afraid to return to Kazakhstan because he feared he might get into “trouble” there, indicating possible legal problems he was facing in his home country. Then again, Mr Komissarov was arrested after an informant had tipped immigration off and no international arrest warrant appears to have been issued for him.
What remains is a weird story of a two-year visa overstayer who could afford to live in one of Pattaya’s most expensive hotels and may just have been ignorant of the kingdom’s new strict overstay rules that took effect half a year ago now.

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