Two “Unprovoked” Attacks on Foreign Tourists in Pattaya

'Unprovoked' Attack on Aussie Tourist in Pattaya

As local media have reported, an Australian and an Indian tourist along with his Thai “girlfriend” were assaulted in two seemingly unprovoked attacks in two separate incidents in Pattaya in the early hours of Monday.

In the first incident, a 64-year-old Australian man who had been drinking in a bar on Pattaya Beach Road and was on his way back to his room claims he was attacked “out of the blue” by a gang of Thai men on Beach Road.
When the enraged foreigner made a report Pattaya Police Station at around 2 a.m. Monday morning it was obvious he “had an accident or been attacked in some way due to the injuries on his face and body.”

According to Pattaya One, the Australian tourist told police he had been

drinking alone in a small beer bar on Pattaya Beach Road. He started to feel tired , so paid his bill and left the bar.

Whilst walking home, he told police that he was attacked out of the blue by a gang of Thais. He said that the attack was totally unprovoked and could not think of any reason while someone would want to hurt him.

The man managed to fend off the gang and make a run for it before any serious damage or loss of belongings occurred.

By the way time he reported the attack at the station it was obviously too late for police teams to find and arrest any members of the gang.

'Unprovoked' Attack on Indian Tourist in Pattaya

In a second “motiveless” attack in South Pattaya on Monday morning, a 26-year-old Indian tourist who had been walking back to his hotel with his Thai “girlfriend” was set upon by a gang of three or four Thai men who suddenly jumped out of a pick-up truck.
The tourist suffered a minor head wound and bruising while his unnamed Thai date was also slightly hurt. Same as the Australian assault victim, the couple claim they had “no idea what it was all about.”

A security guard at the Sun City Hotel where the couple were staying

confirmed that the pick-up had been driven at speed onto the footpath and several men got out and attacked the couple. They then sped off into the night.

Police are checking CCTV and will re-interview the couple to see if there was in fact [no] reason for the attack such as an argument over a girl or some personal dispute.

But for now the couple were sticking to their story that they had done nothing to cause any trouble (…)

Let’s add if the two seemingly unrelated attacks on foreign tourists in Pattaya were in fact completely unprovoked then these are not just very disturbing but also extremely unusual news.

Source: Pattaya OneSiamchon News via

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