Chinese Girls Raped by Speedboat Operators on Koh Larn

Asian girls on Koh ChangTwo young speedboat operators, aged 19 and 22, were arrested by tourist police in Pattaya on Thursday for raping two female Chinese tourists on a boat near Koh Larn island, some seven kilometres off the coast of Pattaya.
The two unnamed Chinese women had hired the two Thai men to take them on a trip in their speedboat and were assaulted on the way back to Pattaya. The men said they had been “drinking beer” earlier in the day and become sexually aroused by the girls’ “sexy photo shoot” on the beach.
Khaosod English reports that the two men

assaulted the two Chinese tourists on their boat in the middle of the sea on Monday night. (…)
The suspects said they drank beer as they waited on the island, and decided to sexually assault the victims on the way back.

A police source said that after raping the women they simply dropped them off on Pattaya beach and “went back to work as normal, as though nothing happened.” The suspects reportedly

[blamed] their action on the two victims’ “sexy photoshoot” at the beach which caused them to feel “sexual urges.”

Pattaya One has a slightly a different account and reports that the two men had

first seen the two Chinese women taking pictures of each other [on Koh Larn] and the suspects blamed a combination of drinking heavily during the day and sexual urges prompted by the picture-taking for the subsequent assault.
They are thought to have offered the pair a free ride in their speedboat back to Pattaya (…)

It remains unclear whether the women hired the speedboat on Pattaya beach and paid for a return trip to the island or they met the two men only on Koh Larn and were offered a free ride back to the coast.

The Bangkok Post adds that the Chinese women

felt embarrassed after the incident and dared not tell others. However, they later found out that their passports were missing as they were in their bags also allegedly stolen by the suspects.

It was only after they contacted the Chinese embassy in Bangkok over the incident that they lodged a complaint at Pattaya Police Station and the two rapists were arrested. Both men have reportedly confessed to the crime and have been charged with rape.

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