Tourist Killed in Parasailing Accident off Pattaya Beach

Parasailing on Jomtien beach

A 37-year-old Sri Lankan tourist was killed in a parasailing accident just off Pattaya beach Saturday afternoon, as it seems due to a sudden lack of wind that caused the foreigner to crash into speedboat that was towing him.
Realizing that accidents like these are damaging Pattaya’s tourism image, city officials have (once again) agreed to establish new guidelines and safety standards to cut down on the number of water sports related injuries and deaths in the sunny bay of Pattaya. “Regular patrols and checks” they think will do the job and save the lives of tourists in the future.

According to Pattaya One, the Sri Lankan tourist had booked the parasailing ride on Pattaya beach at around 1.30 p.m. and had been in the air for just about two minutes when “the wind seemed to suddenly disappear,” causing the foreigner to drop from the sky and crash into the speedboat that was towing him. He was initially knocked unconscious but later succumbed to his injuries.
The speedboat towing the foreign tourist and his parasail wing was reportedly being operated by a 48-year-old and presumably experienced naval officer who investigators have apparently concluded shared no responsibility for the tourist’s death (which leaves you wondering why authorities suddenly seem to realize that a lack of clear safety standards, faulty equipment and “untrained staff with poor skills [and] limited experience” may be to blame for a good portion of water sports accidents in Pattaya bay.)

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  1. I m planning for a visit in Pattaya. I m a little confused after this news. Is it safe to be a tourist in Pattaya? Is it wise to be dependant on this kind of staff for your enjoyment??? May be not..

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