Three Foreigners Assaulted in Single Night in Pattaya


Three foreigners in Pattaya were assaulted and robbed in two separate incidents on Thursday night.
In the first incident, a motorcycle taxi driver allegedly attacked and robbed a 28-year-old Russian woman of 100 US dollars, a mobile phone and some documents.
The woman had reportedly gone to Walking Street for a drink and hired a motorcycle taxi to take her back to the Pattaya Park Hotel. But instead of dropping the tourist off at the desired destination the taxi driver allegedly took her to a secluded area near the Rompho market in Jomtien where he hit and robbed her.
It remains unclear whether the man was indeed a motorcycle taxi driver or a civilian who had offered her a lift.

The second incident took place just outside a bar on Soi LK Metro where two Thai men, aged 24 and 28, first assaulted a Japanese tourist and then attacked a Swedish man who intervened and came to the aid of the Japanese victim.
The Asian man suffered facial injuries and a ripped mouth while the Swede was kicked unconscious by the two young thugs who fled the scene with a Thai woman.
The two intoxicated assailants were later arrested and initially tried to blame the foreigners for the brawl. They were however soon identified as the same two men who had last year assaulted a British tourist on Soi Buakhao, so while the motive for the most recent attack on two foreigners remains unclear the police would obviously not buy into their distorted version of the story.

Sources: Pattaya One, Khaosod

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