Thieving Ladyboy Gang Nabbed on Pattaya Beach Road

Pattaya beach promenade by nightA gang of notorious ladyboy thieves, aged 22, 23 and 27, was caught on Pattaya beach just after midnight on Thursday.
The arrest came after the trio had pickpocketed a Taiwanese man and a “barrage of complaints” from other tourists who gave police useful descriptions of the culprits.
Pattaya One reports.that the three ladyboys were nabbed by a surveillance team in front of Soi 4 after they

matched descriptions given (…) by tourists who had previously reported the theft of money and other valuables on Pattaya beach.

A search of the trio’s rented room at the Nirun Condo on Soi Arunothai uncovered “four foreign ATM cards, 1,900 Taiwanese Dollars, and three Taiwanese ID cards.” Pattaya One adds that the ladyboys

confessed to operating for many years on Pattaya Beach and Pattaya Second Road. They would target Asian tourists and steal from them on the street or in rented apartments, if they were able to persuade them to accompany them to a room.

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