Thailand Third Most Unequal Country in the World


It’s plain to see that wealth isn’t exactly evenly distributed in Thailand. Most Thais are poor, relatively speaking. There’s a growing yet still small middle class. And only a few Thais are really loaded. The latter group is however so filthy rich that the country’s wealthiest 1% own a staggering 58% of the nation’s total wealth.

According to Credit Suisse’s recently published Global Wealth Report 2016, this makes Thailand the third most unequal country in the world in terms of wealth distribution among its citizens – almost on par with #2 India where the richest 1% own 58.4% of household wealth.
According to the survey, wealth distribution is only more unequal in Russia – the unchallenged #1 in the list – where almost three quarters of the country’s riches, or 74.5%, are held by just 1% of the population.
No, Thailand, this is a bronze medal not to be proud of.


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