Thailand Records 24.78 Million Foreign Tourist Arrivals in 2014

Sexy Asian chicks on Koh Larn islandAccording to data compiled by the Thai Immigration Bureau and recently released by the Department of Tourism, a total of 24.78 million foreign tourists visited Thailand in 2014.
As was to be expected, this was a substantial 6.66% decrease from the record 26.54 million foreign tourist arrivals the kingdom had seen in 2013.
As in the two previous years, China was once again the biggest tourism source market, with Chinese visitors accounting for a whopping 18.66% of all foreign tourist arrivals in 2014.
The number of Russian visitors to the kingdom, accounting for 6.47% of international tourist arrivals, dropped by 8.17% from a record 1.75 million visitors in 2013 to merely 1.6 million last year.
Traditionally important tourism source markets like the United States (764,745 visitors) and Germany (717,631) didn’t even make it into the Top 10 anymore. Out of the most important European source markets, all but the United Kingdom and France recorded a substantial decrease in the number of visitors to Thailand.
Please scroll down to view a PDF file of the complete visitor statistics for 2014.

The top 10 visiting countries in 2014 were:

  1. China (4,623,806 million arrivals)
  2. Malaysia (2,644,052)
  3. Russia (1,603,813)
  4. Japan (1,265,307)
  5. South Korea (1,117,449)
  6. India (946,249)
  7. Laos (934,253)
  8. United Kingdom (909,335)
  9. Singapore (864,681)
  10. Australia (835,517)

Source: Department of Tourism

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