Thailand 7th Most Popular Country for Expats

Thailand has been rated the 7th most popular destination for expats by the new Expats Insider 2015 survey. While 87% of the respondents said they were “generally satisfied” with expat life in Thailand, 10% were “neutral” and only 3% said they were “not satisfied” or “not satisfied at all”.
While Thailand was voted the second most popular expat destination in Asia, the top 6 spots were taken by Ecuador (#1), Mexico (#2), Malta (#3), Singapore, Luxembourg and New Zealand. (Continued below)

Expat statistics for Thailand - Infographic

Expat Insider is one of the biggest expat surveys worldwide conducted by, the largest international online community for people who live and work abroad. According to the 2015 survey, affordable living costs, a better quality of life and friendly people, together with the kingdom’s pleasant tropical climate, are the main features foreigners appreciate about expat life in Thailand.
Little surprisingly, the survey finds, Thailand is also exceptionally popular with retirees, who account for 23% of expats living in the country. Low scores were given by respondents only for the kingdom’s political (in)stability, the “somewhat poor” economy, and environmental issues.
You can find a summary of the survey or download the full report here.

While it hardly comes as a surprise that the relatively low cost of living and a better quality of life in Thailand have been cited as the main reasons for expats to relocate to the self-proclaimed Land of Smiles, surprisingly only 12% of the respondents said they had moved to Thailand “for love”.
To be honest, we would have expected romantic reasons and the country’s sex industry (in the broadest sense) to play a bigger role in the decision-making process of expats who choose Thailand as their new home. But perhaps some respondents were just kidding themselves or they simply took “romantic motives” as a subcategory of a “better quality of life at lower costs”?

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