Thai Woman Arrested for Fatally Stabbing Finnish Boyfriend

Thai woman arrested for fatally stabbing Finnish boyfriend

Less than a week after Pattaya police were ordered to clear a massive backlog of some 600 unsolved criminal cases, a 47-year-old Thai woman was arrested for fatally stabbing her 65-year-old Finnish boyfriend in October 2012.
The woman had been on the run for more than three years after escaping from Pattaya and was arrested on Koh Chang Tuesday morning. She has now been charged with murder and is awaiting a court appearance.

Mrs Vassana is accused of fatally stabbing her Finnish boyfriend, Mr. Timo Juhani Tara, in broad daylight at the Suksabai Villas residential village in South Pattaya on October 7, 2012. The foreigner was found that afternoon lying in the middle of a street with a stab wound in his left chest and died at the scene.
According to eyewitnesses, he was stabbed by his live-in Thai girlfriend following a “heated argument.” Despite police insisting at that time they were “hoping to arrest her soon,” the woman apparently escaped from Pattaya and fled to her home village in Nakhon Ratchasima province.
It took police investigators almost four years to trace her down and arrest her on Koh Chang island, where she was holidaying with her new foreign lover.

According to local media reports, Mrs Vassana was interrogated by Pattaya police now and admits to stabbing her Finnish boyfriend during a heated public argument that she alleges was over a “sex party” that she refused to attend. Interestingly though, the woman claims she acted in self-defense as she believed Mr. Tara was “about to stab her with another knife.”
According to Pattaya One, Mrs Vassana claims that her Finnish boyfriend

wanted [her] to attend [a sex party] where she was expected to have sex with multiple partners.
She refused to go and the argument began in their rented apartment [on Soi Korpai] and culminated close to where the sex party was due to take place.

Source: Pattaya One News

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