Thai “Pretties” Photo Gallery

thai-pretties 17Thai “pretties” are female product and event presenters that make a living by being just what they are – pretty. It’s basically as easy as that. Any kind of promotional event in Thailand, not just car shows, beer promotions and stuff like this, would be virtually unthinkable, or simply wouldn’t attract any visitors or buyers, without the presence of Thailand’s so-called “pretties”.

So being “pretty” isn’t merely an attribute for natural feminine charms in Thailand – being (a) “pretty” is a downright job title and hasn’t always come about all that naturally but often cost quite a bit of money and all sorts of cosmetic surgery.
With the industry being based on the concept of utilizing female beauty to encourage consumers to buy a particular product or services, be it alcohol, cars or beauty products, it’s essential for any Thai “pretty” to remain exactly what her job description demands – pretty.

Thai “pretties” are mostly in their Twenties and early Thirties, so naturally, as they advance in age, more and more plastic surgery procedures are required to keep up with the competition and retain that youthful “pretty” look they need to get booked regularly, especially for big events like the Bangkok International Motor Show.
Nearly all “pretties”, except for perhaps the youngest amateur “pretties” who do mainly street-side beer promotions, have at least had a nose or boobs job done and are regular visitors to beauty clinics, both legal and unlicensed ones – a habit that isn’t only costly but in some cases also hazardous to health.
Other supplemental procedures include skin whitening, chin implants, lip augmentation etc. So no, if you’re more into naturally beautiful women without silicone boobs and thick layers of whitening cream on their faces, then Thai “pretties” are obviously not for you.

Thai pretties

While a few grade-A “pretties” may be seriously big cash earners and quasi-superstars in their “pretty” niche (some even distribute own beauty products and have regular fan clubs), even second-rate “pretties” and “beer girls” still make decent money for Thai standards.
So to stop you from daydreaming – chances that you meet a girl like that in a bar or club in Pattaya are virtually as low as zero. While many lower-rung “pretties” are only freelancers and may also work as coyotes or hostesses in upscale karaoke bars in Bangkok, that’s in venues usually just frequented by wealthy Thais. And truth be told, it’s rather unlikely that you as a Farang gain entry to this rather exclusive world.

If you still won’t restrict yourself to the services of bar girls but fancy dating a proper “pretty”, well, chances are obviously slim. Then again, you can always give it a try at one of the top-rated local dating sites like, for example, Thai Friendly, where tens of thousands of “normal” young Thai women, often including university girls and surely a number of “pretties”, are looking for romantic dates with Farangs.

On this page we’ve compiled a selection of the best pictures our “in-house” photographer has taken of Thai pretties over the years. Most photos were taken at events around Pattaya, but he’s traveled as far as Bangkok to snapshot the hottest Thai amateur models. More pictures of Thai pretties will be added to this page at the next opportunity.

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