Thai King Treated for ‘Severe’ Blood Infection: Palace (Several Updates)

HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

According to a statement issued by the royal palace Friday night, Thailand’s ailing king Bhumibol Adulyadej has received treatment for a “severe” blood infection over the last few days.
Blood tests had revealed on Wednesday that the highly revered 88-year-old monarch was suffering from a severe infection and reduced function of his kidneys, the statement issued by the Royal Household Bureau reported. The Nation notes that his condition has “gradually improved” after “continuous renal replacement therapy.”

Friday night’s statement by the royal palace was the latest in what have become increasingly frequent updates on the continuously deteriorating health of the world’s longest reigning monarch who has been hospitalized for a large part of the past decade.
As Khaosod point out, however, the “narrow and technical focus” of the official statements by the palace “make it hard to gauge the king’s overall condition.”

The Bangkok Post translates parts of the official statement as follows:

“On August 31, 2016, [His Majesty the King’s] heartbeat was fast and he had very thick mucous. A test result of the mucous and blood indicated a severe infection,” the statement said.

An X-ray revealed His Majesty had fluid in his lungs, which a treatment helped to reduce, according to the bureau’s statement.

The monarch’s low blood pressure and a fever have since improved and his medical team is continuously watching the symptoms closely, the statement said.

UPDATE (September 4) – In another update on His Majesty’s condition, the Royal Household Bureau reports on Sunday that the infection (now reported to be a respiratory infection) has abated and the king’s pulse rate, blood pressure and breathing have returned to normal. His fever has also subsided.
An X-ray however still found some liquid in the monarch’s lungs and “his urine was still minimal.” Doctors also continue to administer antibiotics to the monarch.
The improvement has come as His Majesty is undergoing continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT).

UPDATE (September 9) – According to Khaosod English, the royal palace released another update on the beloved monarch’s health on Wednesday confirming that His Majesty was “undergoing continuous dialysis, a treatment for patients suffering kidney failure.”

UPDATE (October 2) – A month after the monarch’s medical team confirmed that His Majesty was being treated for acute kidney failure, the Royal Household Bureau reports that the Thai king is now recovering from a lung infection. The continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) is also being continued.

UPDATE (October 10) – According to the 36th announcement issued by the Royal Household Bureau Saturday night, His Majesty is now undergoing haemodialysis to correct kidney-related issues.
The Bangkok Post reports that the king’s doctors

carried out the haemodialysis to purify his blood and changed a tube that drains excess cerebrospinal fluid in His Majesty’s lateral ventricles from 2pm to 4.40pm [on Saturday].

After that procedure, his blood pressure occasionally dropped. Medicine was administered and doctors put him on a ventilator to bring his blood pressure back to normal levels.

At 3am on Sunday, the king’s pulse was faster and the blood pressure issue subsided. An inspection found higher levels of acid in the blood.

An echocardiogram found a sharp drop in blood injected into the lower left chamber of his heart as a result of high blood pressure in the lungs.

At 3pm, medicines were administered to enlarged blood vessels in the lungs. The pulse and blood pressure improved after that.

The little upbeat statement adds that the monarch’s medical team are now “watching his symptoms” closely and “giving treatments carefully because the overall symptoms of his sickness are still not stable “

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