Thai Immigration: 90 Day Report Now Possible Online

Thai immigration has confirmed that foreigners who stay in the kingdom on long-term visas for longer than 90 days at a time and need to visit their local immigration office to report their current address every three months, can now make their “Notification of Staying in the Kingdom over 90 Days” online. reports that “currently the system only works with Internet Explorer but it will be possible to do your 90 day report with other browsers soon.” According to the Bangkok Post, the new option to do your 90-day report online will take effect in April.
You can find more details at the official immigration website or here:

UPDATE – Here’s the – currently correct – link where you can make your 90-day report (uses an invalid security certificate so you may have to “add an exception”):

6 Responses to Thai Immigration: 90 Day Report Now Possible Online

    • How you mean, 90 day visa? This here is about doing your 90 day report which is only required if you’re on a long-term visa and stay in Thailand for longer than 90 days at a time; otherwise this doesn’t affect you.

  1. Is this available for Non O visa too? Can we have the link where the form has to be filled and is there a fee? Thank you

    • This here is the link:” (uses an invalid security certificate, so you may have to “add an exception”.) No, there is no fee, but this option is obviously only available for visa holders who stay in Thailand longer than 90 days at a time and do not have to make a border run every three months to renew their permission of stay. I have never used this feature myself either, so am not sure how well it works?

  2. I apply 90 days report by online but I could not continue to do it. I done the 1sept and submit but did show anything. So How can i do continuous for 90 days report online.

    • Judging from what I’ve read and heard, many people have reported problems with doing their 90-day report online so it may be advisable, where possible, to just do it in person at your local immigration office rather than rely on this online tool. I was never required to do a 90-day report myself so unfortunately have no first-hand experience either, sorry.

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