Thai Girl Goes on Rampage on Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao in Pattaya

A 33-year-old Thai woman feeling neglected by her foreign lover went on a rampage on a third-floor balcony on Soi Buakhao late Tuesday night. According to a neighbour, the woman had been recently dumped by her foreign boyfriend, who had promised to open a bar and gym for the woman.
When the foreigner failed to keep his promise but instead split up with his girlfriend, he left her behind with no money and in a state of stress and depression.
Standing on the balcony of her rented third-floor apartment above a beauty salon on Soi Buakhao, the woman apparently lost the plot just after 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, shouting out loud, throwing stuff onto the street, and threatening to jump off the balcony herself.
When police were called to the scene and attempted to calm the crazed woman down, she locked herself up in the room, forcing officers to break the door open with force. As a police team approached the disturbed lady, Pattaya One reports, she grabbed a knife and “at one point lunged towards one officer who was lucky to escape injury.” She was eventually subdued and taken to hospital for a psychiatric assessment.
No charges were laid against the distressed lady and no reasons given for her rampage other than the fact that her foreign boyfriend had dumped her before opening the promised beer bar and gym for her, leaving her behind with no money and, as Pattaya One put it, “no immediate prospects of a secure future.”

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