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Sexy Thai babesLet’s get this straight from the start: If you’re the “cheap Charlie” type of guy who likes to pick up his girls from the beach to save the bar fine and money on lady drinks, Thai escort girls are not for you.
Granted, there’s nothing wrong with saving a few Baht – Thailand isn’t as cheap as it used to be. But apologies, if street hookers at 500 Baht “short time” are your answer to horny – there’s no point in reading any further.
On the other hand, if you’re the more “discerning” type of guy who occasionally likes to indulge himself in a sensual experience of a special kind (we mean getting it on with a proper stunner who really knows how to pamper a man), then escort services are surely worth having a shot at for you – even in places like Pattaya or Bangkok.

Why Hire Escort Girls in Pattaya?

Thai escort girls - GoyAccording to our estimates, Pattaya has more than 10,000 bar girls spread over more than a thousand bars; so why would you require the service of escorts in a city that has ladies waiting for you at nearly every street corner?
To start with, not only “old hands” will assure you that Pattaya’s “good old” bar girl industry is no longer quite what it used to be. We have documented this continuous decline extensively on this page.
In a nutshell, the bar job in Pattaya’s red-light districts attracts less and less ladies each year; the available “girls” are getting “old, fat and lazy” and prefer to play with their smartphones than chat with a lonesome punter. While ladies with that old-fashioned “take care” attitude that bar girls used to be famous for are becoming an extinct species, “bar fines” and rates for sexual services have skyrocketed at the same time.
The reasons for this decline are manifold. Fundamental demographic and economic changes are obviously the major factors. With decreasing fertility rates, higher wages in “mainstream” jobs and growing purchasing power, there are simply less “needy” young women available these days for the bar industry.

Another reason not to be ignored why less Thai women looking for a foreign acquaintance choose to work in a bar these days, is obviously the role of the Internet and the emergence of social networking sites.
Just a decade ago, single Thai girls would hardly use dating sites to hook up with foreign guys. With internet access available even in the most remote villages these days, thousands of Thai girls who seek a farang guy for (paid or non-paid) casual encounters will now routinely use messaging apps, social networking and dating sites, rather than work as a hostess in a bar.
Sure, if you’re tired of extortionate bar girls providing less than mediocre services, the popular Thai Friendly dating community or the long-established ThaiCupid site might be genuine low-cost alternatives.

Thai escort girls - SofiaBut what if you’re not looking for a girlfriend or future wife at all but simply want clear-cut sexual services? What if you prefer to pay a few Baht more in exchange for a discrete and hassle-free one-off encounter with an absolute pro in her business?
Escort agencies have virtually sprung up like mushrooms in recent years, particularly in Bangkok. Why that sudden popularity?
Well, it’s obviously a natural response to increased demand from both sides – service providers and customers. Base wages are low in bars and business is nowhere near what it used to be. Not only bar owners are struggling increasingly but also the girls looking to “sell pussy”.
Customers are rare these days, and a meagre 1,000 to 2,000 Baht for a “long time” session with an old fat Farang who’s pumped up on Viagra will hardly make the girls jump for joy (not just the better-looking ones who can afford to be picky).
On the other hand, many foreign (sex) tourists, too, are increasingly fed up with the often less than mediocre services provided by many bar girls these days, and we don’t just mean between the sheets. Many seem to be just doing the job because they can’t find anything else. But especially if you’re ready to pay a bit extra you have the right to expect outstanding services.
Granted, first-rate escort girls in Pattaya or Bangkok can be relatively expensive, with rates starting at no less than 4,000 to 5,000 Baht. Then again, you will easily spend the same amount of money if you bar-fine a cutie in a GoGo bar – only two find out that once you’re in bed that assumed “hot as lava” stunner that promised you heaven on earth is just a cute-looking mechanical f**k machine and a complete waste of your precious time – and money.
With escort girls you can be pretty much sure you’re not at risk of that kind of disappointment. Granted, services aren’t cheap. But boy, you get what you pay for. Just scroll a bit further down.

How it Works & What it Costs

Sexy Thai escort girlMost escort agencies run their own websites with photo galleries and elaborate profiles of their girls, listing in detail the services they offer (typically using special acronyms that we’ll explain in more detail at the bottom of this page). Many sites also have reviews by real customers, so you’re never buying a pig in a poke.
So to start with, you go to their website and check out the girls they have on offer. Take this popular Bangkok escorts site, for example.
No doubt, the ladies are all absolute hotties and in the same league as the most gorgeous babes in some of the best A-GoGo bars on Walking Street. And as beauty is only skin deep (and you can check for yourself by clicking through their profiles) the services Thai escorts provide you with are mostly “anything goes”, with hardly any taboos.
Once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is give the agency a call and the requested lady will be knocking on your door often within an hour (if you’re in Bangkok). If you order an escort from Bangkok to come and spoil you in Pattaya you may have to make your booking a day in advance.

Rates may vary slightly from girl to girl but usually start at 5,000-6,000 Baht for two hours and two shots (!) all-inclusive. “Long time” overnight bookings are available at roughly 8,000-10,000 Baht. Extra charges will also apply for A-level services (that’s obviously unless you book ladyboy escorts that just love it up that little dirty hole), fetish models and BDSM.
If you fancy a sexy Russian escort, look for a classy European babe or an ebony hottie to make your stay in Bangkok a dream come true, you’ll also have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets than for Thai models.
If you’re in Pattaya (with a very limited choice of escort services) and order professional Bangkok escort girls to come and pamper you in Pattaya (not a bar lady that freelances for an agency and pays her own bar fine to come and see you) additional costs for travel expenses may apply.
You’ll find some useful tips on how to find the right agency and some typical Do’s and Don’ts of seeing Thai escort girls further below on this page.

Advantages of Hiring Thai Escort Girls

VIP Thai escort girlsBut aside from “best value for money”, there is a multitude of other good reasons why escort services are worth giving a try.
For example, you might be on a business trip to Thailand and simply haven’t got the time to visit bars, or you won’t take the risk of being seen in certain places? With the ladies being just a phone call and a couple of clicks away, escort agencies are obviously a handy alternative then.
The same applies if you’re just on a short holiday and haven’t got the time or energy to venture out every night. Or you’re an expat living in the countryside, possibly with a Thai wife and kids, and wish to treat yourself to a one-night “reward” and spice up your occasional trip to Bangkok (say, you have to visit your embassy or yearn for a one-night break before heading back home for a summer visit?)
The discrete clear-cut services of Bangkok escorts might be just the kinky distraction you’re craving.
Or you might be a first-time visitor to Thailand and seek a sexy, knowledgeable tour guide that won’t only take you sightseeing during the day but pamper you professionally also in the night?
Many girls that work for escort agencies are students and have a better command of English than your average bar girl and offer complete “tour guide packages” and “girlfriend experience”, if you wish so, for the entire length of your vacation in Thailand. Many escorts can also pick you up straight from the airport. So if you’re looking for a well-groomed attractive travel companion that also provides you with professional kinky services in the privacy of your room – just don’t look any further.
Many men (and couples) also don’t enjoy going to bars, either because they don’t drink and don’t like the atmosphere, smoke and noise, or simply because they’re tired of the usual bar girl chit-chat and “bullshit” and demand clear-cut professional services for their money.
Unfortunately it’s not that easy to hook up with a “normal” Thai girl that doesn’t work in a bar, and finding the right ladies on dating sites and getting them into your bedroom can be a time-consuming process. So if you’re not the typical “bar type of guy” but don’t want to miss out on some naughty hanky panky, then escort girls might be just the thing for you.

Bangkok student escortsOr well, you might be an adventurous couple looking for a kinky threesome with a permissive Asian chick or a bit of lesbian action in the bedroom? Buddha knows, you might even be a single Western lady on a trip to Bangkok or Pattaya looking for a sexy Thai girl to fulfill your most secret desires?
Many escort girls also cater to couples and single Western ladies and are up for some sensitive lesbian action. So if you’re too shy to chat up a bar girl (most of whom cater just to men and won’t be ready to join a couple), it’s super easy with escort agencies to find a suitable Thai girl for a threesome with a couple or one-on-one lesbian fun.
Talking about threesomes – if you’ve always fancied a kinky session with two or more girls at the same time but never got to act out your fantasy, or an orgy with your best mate(s) and a horny single Thai or European babe ready to please the whole lot of you, some escorts will be up for that too.
Or your secret sexual fantasies may be somewhat unusual and more “hardcore”? Most ordinary bar girls in Pattaya won’t offer much more than the “regular” stuff and won’t even put on a uniform for you. So if you wish to act out, for example, your secret BDSM and “role play” fantasies, or simply like to indulge yourself in “less standard” practices that most ordinary bar girls in Pattaya would reject (like A-level, rimming, sex toys), well, unless you’re lucky and find that “perfectly dirty” bar girl slut, a well-trained professional Thai escort girl is almost your only option. Most agencies will also be happy to provide you with any specific items such as sex toys and uniforms (like schoolgirl, nurse or air hostess) or anything else you fancy.
Many agencies also have ladyboys, so if you feel like trying sex with a naughty shemale but are too shy to “bar fine” a katoey in a bar, escort agencies might have just the thing you’re looking for; that’s unless you’re more serious about your “ladyboy escapade” and seek a proper date or a casual encounter with a ladyboy cutie in Pattaya.

Last but not least, you might not always like coffee or tea for breakfast but occasionally fancy a glass of hot milk? Sure enough, not only Asian and Middle-Eastern businessmen visiting Pattaya or Bangkok are looking for hot Russian and European babes for discrete sensual encounters without limits; also Western tourists and expats may get tired of Thai women once in a while (or their nagging Thai girlfriends and wives) and seek a discrete date with a Russian escort or a busty ebony sex bomb that truly knows how to pamper the practised and more discerning gentleman.
No, you don’t have to travel to Moscow or Dubai to bang a cute Russian or European girl, you can have that hot blonde (or chocolate) chick right here in your bedroom in Pattaya or Bangkok.

Blond Russian escort girl in BangkokBut probably the best thing about escort services is that they’re 100% discrete. That might be of utter importance especially if you’re married and need to keep your kinky encounter “top secret”.
You won’t have to sit in bars and clubs where a hidden webcam might might be installed right behind you, or some random guy at the other end of the bar takes a clip with his smartphone and uploads it straight to YouTube. Sure enough, you wouldn’t want your Thai wife to see hubby one day on the Internet fondling a hooker in a GoGo bar.
Unlike a growing number of bar girls, escort ladies won’t bother you either with unwanted phone calls or constant messages. It’s a discrete and hassle-free encounter – and that can be a big bonus.
Finally, if it’s not just clear-cut sexual services or an erotic massage that you’re looking for, many escort girls also make great travel companions and provide complete “tour guide” services, “girlfriend experience” (GFE) included. Many escorts are students from Bangkok and don’t just have a better command of English (or other foreign languages) than bar girls in Pattaya but also “more class” and etiquette and know how to dress and behave themselves.
For example, if you take an escort out for dinner in a luxury hotel, or seek a sophisticated lady to join you on an important meeting or event, no one will look at her like she’s a hooker and think “oh, that’s a bar girl he picked up on Walking Street”.
In fact, Thai escort girls are all adept at being “perfect ladies” in public and naughty lovers in private. What is more, they’re all regularly tested for STDs so you’re generally safe from catching unwanted “souvenirs”.
To cut a long story short, no matter whether you’re looking for a sweet and well-groomed “college girl” cutie to join you for a romantic dinner, a sophisticated lady to spice up your vacation, or a permissive Asian sex goddess to fulfill your most secret fantasies – if you fancy taking your (sex) holidays in Thailand to the next level, an escapade with a professional escort might be just the icing on the cake.

Find the Right Escort Agency

Sexy Bangkok escort girl GoySo how do you find the right escort agency and the perfect girl to give you a good time? It’s so simple you won’t even have to move an inch away from your computer screen.
As explained above, most escort agencies run their own websites and have photo galleries and detailed profiles of their girls, where they list all the (sexual) services they offer, typically using special acronyms and terms that we’ll explain in more detail at the bottom of this page.
So to start with, simply go to their website and check out what ladies they have on offer.
Regardless of which agency website you visit, Bangkok escort girls are all absolute stunners. But what is more: They are not just perfect eye candy but also well aware that it requires more than a pretty face and a hot body to get the best out of a man.
There’s nothing like “I shy” or “me not like” this or that as you’ll often get to hear from amateurish bar girls; these ladies are absolute professionals. Many websites also have reviews by real customers, so you don’t have to buy a pig in a poke.
Once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is give the agency a call and the requested lady will be knocking on your door usually within an hour (if you’re in Bangkok). Rates may vary slightly from agency to agency but usually start at 5,000 Baht for two hours and two shots.
In other words, you can “get it on” twice in two hours – or even more often if you book more hours. That’s unlike many bar girls in Pattaya that have increasingly adopted some kind of “short time” mentality and are happy to sneak out of your room before you’ve even taken off your party hat.

Busty Bangkok escort girl MinaPattaya is world-famous for its legendary nightlife and well-developed adult entertainment industry but has unfortunately only a very limited number of escort agencies. To judge from a number of reviews on the web, they’re not the most professional ones in the industry either and have a so-so reputation at most.
In many cases (this obviously also applies to less reputable agencies in Bangkok) they’ll just have profiles of some better-looking bar girls that you could bang for possibly half the price if you bar-fined them directly in their bar. In fact, many are just regular sex workers you book over a phone call to their agency instead of picking them up in their bar. This is certainly not what high-class escort services are about – and usually not worth the money either.
On the other hand, if you order a professional escort from Bangkok (not a bar girl that pays her own bar fine to give you two expensive hours of lousy sex) additional costs for travel expenses may apply. Unless you book them for a couple of days or the entire length of your vacation, not all girls may be willing either to make the trip to Pattaya.
If you’re not sure if a certain Bangkok escort girl you fancy is also available for outcall services to Pattaya, you’re advised to directly call the agency and check which ladies on their profile pages are available for visits to Pattaya, and what exactly the conditions are.

Fetish BDSM Thai escort girlsOnly Bangkok has dozens of escort agencies that have virtually sprung up like mushrooms in recent years. It’s obviously a good business, and the customers are happy and there’s growing demand. But there are a few things you need to watch out for.
To start with, in order to avoid a disappointment and get the best bang for your Baht, it is obviously advisable to stick to the more reputable agencies and not simply go for the cheapest rates. For example, a first indicator for an escort agency’s respectability is obviously the design of their website.
A more reputable agency will most likely spend a bit more money on a professionally designed website that clearly states which services they offer, at which rates and conditions. If the site looks somewhat dodgy, is poorly designed and leaves more questions than answers, it might be advisable to stay clear of using their services.
The number of escorts working for an agency (just browse through the profile pages on their website) is certainly also a factor – the better the reputation of an agency, and the more happy (return) customers they’ve had over the years, the more girls will want to work with them.
If the website allows for customer reviews on the escort girls’ profile pages these comments won’t only show you how satisfied other guys were with their services. The number of ladies that have received (positive) reviews on their pages, and the number of reviews over an extended period of time, indicate also how long an agency has been in business and how long a girl has worked with that specific agency. The longer an agency has been in business, and the more girls have worked with them long-term, the more likely it is a reputable and professionally run service provider – with ladies who are happy to work for them and provide top-notch services to customers.
It doesn’t have to be a bad omen if an agency is new in business or has an amateurish website (and we won’t recommend or advise against using any particular services.) But you should certainly be a bit cautious if an agency website features just a couple of nondescript profiles, perhaps including mostly “new arrivals”, and no or only few customer reviews.

Another indicator for less reputable escort agencies are outright fake or obviously photoshopped pictures of their models. In general, if the photos are too good to be true you should be cautious – they may indeed be fake.
Reputable escort agencies will always use recent and accurate information on their sites, for example, not sell a 30-year-old housewife/part-time hooker as an 18-year-old college girl, or at least tell you when the photos on a girl’s profile page do not show the actual model (perhaps because she is really new and they haven’t done a photo shoot yet.) And while the girls have obviously all been made up to look as good as possible before their photo shoot for the gallery (so they may not look 100% the same when they come knocking on your door) they should, well, at least be recognizable.

Do’s & Don’ts of Seeing Thai Escort Girls

Classy Thai modelThere are few rules you should obey when you order an escort girl to visit you at your residence or hotel room.
If you’ve never used the services of Thai escort girls before, you may think they’re just a more expensive or better-looking type of bar girls. But except for the fact that both provide sexual services for cold hard cash there are quite a few differences between the two professions.
Where bar girls are “vulgar” (no pun intended) escort girls “have more class”. Where bar ladies are often inattentive and don’t care much whether their customers are satisfied with their services or not, escort are always eager to provide the highest standard of service, not just between the sheets. After all, they’ve got a well-paid job and need to maintain high professional ethics to be successful in their business.

Before the appointment with your chosen one (say, you’ve ordered her to visit you in your hotel room) get prepared for the session as you would for any other “normal” date where you think of getting laid.
Clean up your room, take a shower (clean your you-know-what thoroughly), brush your teeth, change into clean clothes, cut your fingernails (they might hurt the lady), shave yourself (especially if you want to get kissed or licked in certain areas). Be clean – and sober; that’s most important.
As all other Thai women, Thai escort girls also have a strong sense of cleanliness and there is nothing less appetizing than a guy who stinks and won’t take a shower before getting it on. You might also want to avoid pungent foods before your date. You surely wouldn’t want them to have a bowl of spicy somtam right before giving you a BBBJ either, would you?

Thai escort girls - ShellaOnce the lady arrives in your room, give her a warm welcome and be a true gentleman. If you leave a good first impression now, the more comfortable she will feel in your company.
Do also pay her upfront for the services and hours you’ve booked her for; it’s standard in her business. Rates are usually non-negotiable, so if you try to knock down the “donation” now (that’s how escorts call it) you won’t just make yourself look like a “cheap Charlie” but can be sure the girl will spin on her heel.
This one’s probably the most important tip if you want to have a good time: Treat her like a lady and be nice and polite; the more comfortable she feels in your company the better she will serve you.
Especially if you’re dating a Thai escort, remember that sanook (“fun”) is an important concept in Thai culture, which is also manifest in their attitude towards sex. If you want to get the most out of sex with a Thai woman (and Thai escort girls makes no exception to this rule), try to be “fun” also in bed, make your lady feel relaxed and treat her like you would treat a “real” girlfriend or unpaid-for date.
If you enjoy talking before getting down to the nitty-gritty do not ask rude or stupid stuff like “How many customers have you had today?” or “Are you clean?” Don’t even bother asking her for her real name. Escorts usually use working names and like to remain anonymous. Likewise, don’t ask them for their phone number or whether they’re on Facebook and want to add you as a “friend”. In the end, they’re businesswomen (their business being to create an exciting illusion for you) and most likely not interested. If they wanted to hook up with you outside their regular working hours they would let you know that themselves.

Sexy ladyboy escortOnce you get between the sheets, simply lean back and relax. These ladies know what men like best – and they’re willing to fulfill your most secret desires. Just obey a few rules please.
For example, do not try to talk your girl into doing stuff that isn’t listed on her profile or that you haven’t booked. Just because you’ve hired a girl doesn’t make her your numb sex slave. To put it bluntly, if her profile clearly states only “receives rimming” do not force your ass crack onto her face. Respect her restrictions, easy as that. (And before you even think about it, “uncovered” penetration is generally a no-no.)
On the other hand, don’t be shy to demand the services you’re paying her for and that she has advertised providing on her profile, even if they’re a bit “bizarre”. These ladies are 100% professionals, and if you don’t clearly say what you want and how you want it and end up disappointed it’s only you who is to blame. To put it bluntly again: If she takes COF or CIM (and that’s the scene you like to finish with) don’t waste your load by shooting off over her belly.
While most girls are lenient and won’t be staring at the clock they will usually call their agency once your time has run out to tell them everything’s okay. That’s standard in their business and nothing to worry about.
In a nutshell, if you want to get the most out of your time, treat any Thai escort girl as you would treat a “normal” girl you’re dating and want to have a good time between the sheets with. Just because you’ve hired a lady to milk you (multiple times) doesn’t make her your slave.

Sexual Acronyms & Common Terms Used by Escort Agencies

Here’s a list of some of the most common terms and sexual acronyms used on escort agency websites:

A-Level = anal sex
BB = bareback, without condom
BBBJ = bareback blowjob (without condom)
BDSM = bondage, discipline, sado-masochism
CIM = cum in mouth
COB = cum on body
COF = cum on face, facial
DATY = dining at the Y = cunnilingus
DFK = deep French kissing
DP = double penetration, two guys on one girl
DT = deep throat
GFE = girlfriend experience
Golden shower = urination play
OWO = oral without condom

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