Thai Children’s IQ Scores Fall to 93.1

thai kidsLatest IQ test results show not only that Thai kids have still not reached the “global average” in intelligence and emotional development, but instead their IQ scores have fallen again – reportedly from an average score of 94 in 2011 to 93.1.
(Yes, we’re aware that IQ test results are debatable and reports on national IQ scores are just as diverging and confusing.
As far as the national average IQ of Thai people is concerned, the only thing that seems certain is that it is somewhat below the global average score of 100, with big discrepancies between urban and rural areas.)
The Bangkok Post reports:

In a survey of Thai children’s IQ in 2014, the average score for students at Prathom 1 (Grade 1) level nationwide was 93.1, falling from the average score of 94 in the previous survey in 2011.

(…) the survey found Prathom 1 students at urban schools had an average IQ score of 100.72, slightly above the global benchmark, while those at rural schools only scored 89.18.

The survey also found that the discrepancy between children in urban and rural areas likewise applied to their emotional intelligence. While the average EQ scores for kids in Bangkok and provincial areas were “normal”, scores for school children in rural areas were reportedly a “worry”.

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