Swiss Expat Attacked by Ex-Girlfriend’s New Tomboy Lover

Thai lesbian tomboy couple

A 76-year-old Swiss expat who had recently been dumped by his Thai girlfriend was attacked late Monday night in his rented house on Soi Batman by his moneygrubbing ex-GF and her new tomboy lover. The assault left the Swiss pensioner covered in blood and with a severe wound to his forehead that required medical treatment.

Police were alerted to the vicious attack by neighbours and found the elderly expat between trails of blood in his rented home in South Pattaya. After the foreigner was patched up and transferred to a local hospital neighbours told the police he had recently split up with his girlfriend who it appears had dumped him for another woman.
At around 10 p.m. Monday evening, neighbours continued to explain, the unidentified ex-girlfriend turned up at the Swiss man’s house apparently demanding money from the elderly Farang she had just broken up with.
When the pensioner refused to comply with her request, Pattaya One reports, the infuriated lady “called her new partner, apparently a tomboy, who attacked the man and hit him in the head with a floor tile.” As the elderly expat lay on the ground the couple went on to steal his motorcycle and speed off into the dark night.
Police are now trying to track down the greedy ex-GF and her thuggish new tomboy lover who will be facing assault and theft charges.

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