Swedish Tourist Jumps to his Death in South Pattaya

Scenery City Hotel Soi 11 PattayaA 61-year-old Swedish tourist reportedly fell to his death from a fifth-floor room balcony at the Scenery City hotel on Soi 11 off Pattaya Second Road late Wednesday night.
Given that the tourist, named as Markus Henrik Mikkonen, was reportedly alone in his room at the time of the fatal fall, police initially suggested this was another case of “suicide by jumping” which, for reasons unknown to us, remains the most popular exit to end one’s own life in this city.
Pattaya One reports that the man’s body came to rest in a “narrow gap between the hotel and adjacent building,” and rescue workers needed almost an hour to recover the body. There were reportedly no signs of a struggle in the room, “but on the balcony, a small table was upside down and many cigarette butts were seen on the floor of the balcony area.”
Police have been quoted as saying they would “build a profile of the victim so they can determine any possible motives behind the apparent suicide.”
We hope that investigators will also check security camera footage at the hotel to rule out that the man really had no other visitor at the time of his fatal “jump” than his own suicidal soul.

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