Swedish Tourist Detains Pattaya Beach Bag Snatcher

sunset south pattayaA 52-year-old Swedish tourist managed to apprehend a Thai man late Friday night who had stolen his bag from Pattaya beach as he was swimming in the sea opposite the Montien Hotel late Friday night. The thief later told police he needed some money to “pay his rent and purchase some drugs”.

The Swedish national, named as Mohammad Reed Rezai, had reportedly taken his 32-year-old Thai girlfriend for a late-night swim and left his bag, containing 240 Baht and a Samsung smartphone, on the beach.

Pattaya One reports:

As they were in the water, a Thai man was seen walking around their bag and eventually he took the bag and ran towards Soi 7.

Mr. Rezai gave chase but lost the man so he decided to make his way to Pattaya Police Station to report the crime and as he walked back to his hotel after making the report, by chance, he spotted the suspect and managed to detain him near Tops Supermarket at the Central Pattaya intersection with Pattaya Second Road.

Well done!

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