Swedish Expat Found Drowned in Bucket of Water

Swedish expat found drowned in bucket of water

A 62-year-old Swedish expat was found dead under suspicious circumstances at the View Talay Condominium at Jomtien on Wednesday.
The Swede identified by Pattaya One News as Sten Lundholm was found dead squatting on the bathroom floor of his 10th-floor condominium, bizarrely with his head in a big black water container and a golf bag over his shoulders. He also had several bruises on his body.
His body was discovered by a bar girl friend and a security guard at the condominium just after midnight on Wednesday. It is estimated that the foreigner had been dead for five to six hours then.

The 26-year-old woman told police that the Swede was a regular customer at her unnamed bar at Jomtien and would come for a couple of drinks every night. After he failed to turn up Tuesday evening she went to check on him at the end of her shift.
When her Farang friend did not answer her repeated knocks on the door she asked a security guard to open it with a spare key, which was when they stumbled into the bizarre scene and notified the police.
Police also found a handwritten note on a table in the condo, reportedly saying: “I can not live without sleeping any longer! I love Thailand and Thai people but have no power anymore.”
The note reportedly also gave a contact number in Sweden the deceased asked to be informed of his death.
While it appears the man somehow drowned himself in the bucket of water a post-mortem will now be performed on the body to establish the exact cause of death. Police have reportedly not yet ruled out the possibility either that the man was actually killed and the murder “staged to look like a suicide.”

UPDATE – While an autopsy is still underway, Pattaya One report that investigators have obviously come to the conclusion the Swedish man was “under stress from financial problems” and committed suicide in a most bizarre manner by “using the golf club bag to push his head down into the filled water bucket.” Case closed it seems.

Source/image credit: Pattaya One, Khaosod

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