Suicidal Foreigner Walks Into the Sea in Pattaya – Rescued

An unidentified foreign man, aged approx. 50-60 years, reportedly attempted to end his life by walking into the sea and deliberately drowning in the shallow waters off Pattaya beach early Tuesday morning.
According to a report by Stickboy Bangkok (obviously based itself on an article by Thai-language Manager Online), the unconscious man was rescued just in time by a 50-year-old Russian tourist who had seen the man walk into the sea opposite the Hard Rock Hotel on Pattaya Beach Road. Rescue workers were alerted by a bystander just after 3 a.m. and took the man to the nearby Pattaya Memorial Hospital for further treatment.
An eyewitness of the suicide attempt told police the man had appeared to be desperate. The unidentified Farang, she added, was “underwater for around three minutes before the Russian man came to the rescue”.

Update – According to a report by PDN now, it wasn’t the Russian tourist who rescued an “unidentified man”, but the 50-year-old Russian himself who walked into the sea and “disappeared under the water for around three minutes before his body floated to the surface”. Or were there two Russians involved in the story and one saved the life of the other?

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