Spanish Expat Found Dead in Pattaya Apartment

PattayaA 53-year-old Spanish expat and reportedly a heavy drinker was found dead in the bathroom of his rented second-floor apartment on Pattaya Klang Soi 16 Monday night.
Mr. Gallardo Garcia’s naked body was found lying face down in a pool of blood and with a “serious injury to his right eyebrow”. According to the Bangkok Post, he had been dead for about 12 hours when his Thai wife and apartment staff found him.
There were no signs of foul play in the room, just a handful of empty beer bottles and (the only puzzle) “two chairs blocking the door”. Pending the results of an autopsy, police suspect that the expat had been drinking and slipped and fell over in the bathroom.
The Bangkok Post reports that his 47-year-old wife

had been with Garcia for 11 years and they had a 7-year-old daughter, although they had not registered their marriage. They had recently started living separately as her husband often drank alcohol and this led to quarrels (…) However, they still phoned each other every day.

When her husband didn’t answer his phone repeatedly, she went to see him in his room Monday evening and had apartment staff open the door with a spare key. He had apparently been dead for 12 hours then.

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