Soi Buakhao Bar Busted for Underage Sex Workers

Soi Buakhao Bar Busted for Underage Sex Workers

A beer bar near the Pattaya Klang end of Soi Buakhao was raided Tuesday night and the mamasan arrested for pimping a 17-year-old girl. The undercover operation followed reports regarding Relax Bar that the venue was employing underage girls and offering sexual services exclusively to foreign customers at 1,000 Baht per session.

An undercover investigator (let’s assume they used a foreigner to do the job) eventually paid the bar a visit on Tuesday night and approached the 24-year-old mamasan. After he had paid a previously photocopied 1,000 Baht note for the sexual services of a young looking girl and taken her up to a second-floor room police and military eventually raided the bar.
It was then discovered that the unnamed girl that had been offered to the operative and was found in a state of undress was only 17 years old. A packet of condoms found in the room was also seized as evidence.
Police later explained to the media that the mamasan “only accepted foreign clients, both farang and Asians. They didn’t serve Thais.”

Although the mamasan claimed that the teenage girl voluntarily worked in the bar and she did not even know her real age she was arrested and charged with human trafficking. As it seems, the yet unidentified owner(s) of the bar are also facing prosecution.
Meanwhile, the 17-year-old girl was reportedly sent to a shelter home and will probably rather sooner than later be back on the game in Pattaya.

Sources: Khaosod English, Manager Online, Pattaya One

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