Singaporean Tourist Slashes Own Throat in Pattaya Hotel

A young tourist from Singapore was found dead in his Pattaya hotel room on Tuesday after he had apparently slashed his own throat with a knife and left a macabre note on the bathroom door, warning people there was a dead body inside – his body. Police assume that the 28-year-old committed suicide.
According to Pattaya Daily News, hotel staff found the man’s body in the bathroom of his 18th-floor room with a “severe stabbed wound [sic] in his throat” after he had failed to check out in time and answer a phone call from the receptionist. A bloodstained knife was also found near the body.
Police found no evidence of foul play in the otherwise undisturbed room; as if to make up for this, the dead man had however left a grisly note on the door, saying “WARNING DEAD BODY INSIDE, sorry about the shock.”

Singaporean Commits Suicide in Pattaya Hotel Room

The Singaporean tourist had reportedly stayed alone in the room for several days and was due to check out this Tuesday. When first called by the receptionist at midday the victim was reportedly still alive and answered he was “packing his belongings.” Just an hour later he failed to pick up another call, leading hotel staff to open the room and find the dead body lying in the bathroom.
Pending the results of an autopsy, police assume that the Singaporean tourist had money or other problems and decided to take his own life. The exact reason for the suicide however remains unknown.

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