Scottish Tourist, Thai GF Go Berserk on Walking Street

Walking Street in South Pattaya

A drunk 38-year-old Scottish tourist and his equally intoxicated Thai “girlfriend” were arrested outside the 808 nightclub on Walking Street late Wednesday night after the Scottish man punched a city hall security officer in the face. The 37-year-old Thai man who was stationed on Walking Street to assist local tourist police sustained minor facial injuries in the attack.
As the clip embedded below shows, the violent Scotsman had to be dragged on his knees into the police station, along with his girlfriend who “appeared to make no effort to control her boyfriend, despite pleas from officers to help them.”
Pattaya One reports that the uniformed city hall security officer was on patrol on Walking Street late Wednesday night

when he encountered Mr. Raymond, who appeared to be acting in an aggressive manner towards passers-by. He approached the Scottish man and attempted to calm him down but was allegedly punched in the face by him.

The Thai-Scottish couple were both detained in a cell at Pattaya police station until they were sober enough to be questioned over the incident.

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