Russian “Zombie Prank” at Jomtien Restaurant (Video)

Russian zombie prank in Jomtien restaurant

Three young Russian tourists staged what appears to be a “zombie prank” at a restaurant in Jomtien Thursday night, causing other foreign customers to panic and leave the venue in fear, with some using chairs to protect themselves against the “zombie” attackers, and others leaving their personal belongings on the tables.
The incident took place at the long-established Surf Kitchen restaurant on Jomtien Beach Road at about 10 p.m. on Thursday, a time when the popular restaurant was busy with foreign and Thai customers. Security camera footage of the not-so-funny prank was posted to a Thai Facebook page and later uploaded to YouTube.

The three young Russian tossers who appeared to be friends reportedly entered the restaurant separately and ate their meals at separate tables. After the first man had paid his bill he pretended to pass out and fell down on the floor. When he “regained consciousness” he started to act like a zombie, ran over to the second Russian and “bit” him in the neck.
Resembling a scene from a trashy horror movie, the second Russian-cum-zombie then “attacked” the third man of the group who also mutated into a “zombie”, angering and scaring away other foreign patrons, some of whom grabbed for chairs in order to contain the late-night “zombie outbreak”. One man is actually seen in the video punching one of the Russians in the face.
The three men in their late twenties were eventually subdued by staff members and asked to apologize for their action. The restaurant owner reportedly refrained from filing criminal charges against the men since it would be “nothing more than just a public nuisance charge.” It’s understood however that police are trying to track down the three unidentified Russian muppets, hopefully to teach them a lesson.

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